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Paasarrangement 2013 - Dineren in Italiaanse Paassferen bij La Maremma te Ridderkerk

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Good Things From Italy’s insight:

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6 Beautiful Places to Celebrate Spring in Italy

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Italy in spring? Stunning! But while that’s true no matter where you are (in fact, here are 6 reasons we love Italy in springtime), we tend to think that nothing shouts spring!… more than blooming flowers. And gorgeous views. And verdant landscapes. Especially in a country as full of natural beauty as this one.

You agree? Then make sure you check out our list of places you especially won’t want to miss in Italy in springtime.

Here are 6 of our favorites.

The DolomitesRavello, on the Amalfi coastThe Umbrian countrysideAbruzzo’s Campo ImperatoreTuscany’s Val d’OrciaItaly’s lake district, including Lago Maggiore, Como, and Garda

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Interview with Film Director Matteo Garrone | Film | ITALY Magazine

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Carol King speaks to the director of the highly acclaimed film ‘Gomorrah’ Matteo Garrone about his latest movie ‘Reality’ starring a former mafia hit man.

The Italian director Matteo Garrone came to global fame in 2008 for his realistic portrayal of mafia life in the hard-hitting drama ‘Gomorrah’. Based on a book published by Italian journalist Roberto Saviano in 2006, the film depicts the Casalesi clan that forms part of the camorra criminal organisation based in Campania.

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Il Friuli Venezia Giulia è: Mare

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Il mare del Friuli Venezia Giulia ha un fascino tutto suo, ti regala atmosfere che non trovi altrove.

Le lunghe distese di sabbia dorata della frizzante Lignano e della pittoresca Grado e si intrecciano alla costa rocciosa delle bianche falesie, che da Duino si spinge fino a Trieste. Relax e divertimento convivono armoniosamente su questo territorio ideale per la vacanza in famiglia e non solo!

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Te mooi om weg te gooien - Recycle Mode - Italian Coffee Handbags

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De tassen van Alessandro Di Lella gaan niet onbeperkt mee, maar leuk en bijzonder zijn ze wel.

Di Lella’s Italian Coffee Handbags zijn gemaakt van hergebruikte koffieboonzakken.

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Palermo stelt wederom Sannino aan als trainer

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Bij Palermo worden dit seizoen trainers net zo snel ontslagen als dat ze weer worden aangesteld.

Nadat Gian Piero Gasperini maandag voor de tweede keer werd weggestuurd, werd Giuseppe Sannino voor de tweede keer dit jaar aangesteld als nieuwe hoofdtrainer.

De Siciliaanse club strijdt tegen degradatie uit de Serie A en de flamboyante eigenaar Maurizio Zamparini is daarbij niets te dol.

Sannino begon het seizoen als trainer van Palermo, maar moest al na enkele wedstrijden plaatsmaken voor Gasperini.

Ook die hield het niet lang vol. Begin februari werd Gasperini ontslagen en kwam Alberto Malesani aan het roer te staan.

Malesani vloog er vervolgens al na drie duels uit, waarna Zamparini weer een beroep deed op Gasperini. Twee wedstrijden later is ook hij weer vertrokken en staat Sannino weer voor de groep.

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Rome Revealed by Book

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Amanda Ruggeri is an American expat and long-time resident of Rome. She knows this city like the back of her hand and consistently shares her insight via her well-written blog www.revealedrome.com. Now Amanda has also just released a book called The Revealed Rome Handbook: Tips and Tricks for Exploring the Eternal City. It both complements and extends her online treasure trove.

Reading the book, you will notice that Amanda’s love for this incomparable place is accessible and welcoming. In fact, she is herself also accessible and welcoming. Amanda invites her readers above and beyond the handbook, suggesting that you contact her directly with questions and for any further advice. She also offers a personalised trip-planning service via Skype.

Amanda’s multi-layered approach to sharing information strikes me as very appropriate for this most ancient and complex of cities. Rome can be as awe-inspiring, sexy and delicious as it can also be confusing, overwhelming and frustrating (at times). So, whether you are coming for a long stay or a short visit, I support Amanda’s suggestion that you consider her book a “shortcut to experiencing Rome like a local.”

Over six chapters, she covers just about every topic likely to pique a visitor’s curiosity in thoughtful detail. In fact, the only real exclusion I can see is one that everyone hopes most visitors never need to experience anyway. That is, the ridiculously convoluted journey out to the immigration centre in Rebibbia to process a working holiday visa. However, should you by chance need to also experience this, I suspect that Amanda is actually well-placed to also provide you with some good-humoured and common sense guidance on this topic as well.

Each of the book’s chapters is focused on a different aspect of a trip to the Eternal City (e.g. planning, eating, sightseeing, etiquette, shopping, safety and bathrooms!). The ultimate beauty is the fact that it is a personal handbook rather than a generic guidebook and I guarantee that you will appreciate Amanda’s humorous and intimate touch. Here is someone who genuinely wants you to love the Eternal City as much as she does and who also has the know-how to make that happen.

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Diego Della Valle and the Art of Wearing Things the "Wrong" Way

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Some guys shop with patience of Job, waiting months and diligently scouring sale sections for just the right deal. On the other hand, there are those guys that regularly pour out a small fortune just to look like they found their clothes in a dumpster. Most of us probably fall somewhere in between, splurging and scrimping from time to time. And then, there’s Diego Della Valle, a man that simply dresses like pure opulence. Of course, it helps that Della Valle is the CEO of a little company called Tod’s footwear so he pretty much dresses up to his title, but when it comes to Della Valle, as with so many other Italian icons (a pack lead that’s lead by Gianni Agnelli who helped elevate Tod’s to another level when he wore them back in the day) how you wear it is often far more important than what you wear. In fact, Della Valle’s clothes themselves are not particularly remarkable (although he is a great template for proper fit, particularly for bigger guys) mainly focusing on blue shirts, navy or grey jackets, washed denim and of course Tod’s.

Aside from how he carries himself underneath this uniform, what I love about Della Valle’s style is that he often wears things outside of their intended purpose. What I mean by this is that Della Valle seems to love the unconventional add-on, taking a basic piece and re-imagining it by placing it somewhere else within an outfit. Now I’m not talking about going off the deep end, such the absolutely heinous Eldredge knot which I can’t believe I’m even mentioning right now, but Della Valle’s “wrong” combinations actually work in my mind. First off is the “scarf-as-a-tie” look, which admittedly only a man of Della Valle’s stature (and I mean that socially, economically, and physically) really could pull off, but nonetheless it’s something that I can’t help but admire. The way Della Valle wears it, with a raised collar and a solid scarf tied loosely to the front in a manner that is brash, but not too ostentatious. It reminds me of an elderly man I saw a few months who had tucked his scarf into his cardigan as if to say “I don’t care what you think, it’s my damn scarf after all.”

As I said, this look clearly isn’t for everyone, I certainly probably won’t be giving it a shot for at least a few decades, but Della Valle’s other atypical inclination is one that you will likely see me wearing this spring, and that’s the “sweater-as-a-scarf.” Once reserved for eighties preppy elitists (and the painfully confused bloggers that worship them) Della Valle’s version takes a neutral colored sweater, probably cashmere considering the number of zeroes in his bank account, and tosses it on top of a suit. It’s Della Valle’s go-to kit for soccer (or football if you happen to be from the man’s homeland) matches, proving that it’s an easy way to tone-down the formality of suit as you step outside the office. Of course, we can all throw sweaters over us shoulders and emulate Della Valle, but keep in mind, he has the bravado of a billionaire on his side, so tread lightly out there.

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Herculaneum – kleuren van een begraven stad | Kunst uit Italië | Ciao tutti - ontdekkingsblog door Italië

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In het Archeologisch Museum in Napels wordt vanaf aanstaande vrijdag een bijzondere plek ingeruimd voor Herculaneum, een stadje aan de voet van de Vesuvius dat net als Pompeii tijdens de uitbarsting van de vulkaan werd bedolven – niet onder as en puimsteen, zoals in Pompeii, maar onder een dikke laag modder en lava. De meeste inwoners wisten op tijd te ontkomen, zodat er in Herculaneum bijna geen lichamen werden aangetroffen.

De stad lag lange tijd begraven onder modder en lavaresten. Rond 1710 werden de eerste resten ontdekt, maar pas vanaf 1735, toen Karel van Bourbon koning van Napels was, vonden er gedegen opgravingen plaats. Toch is nog lang niet alles ontdekt; slechts een derde van het oude Herculaneum is opgegraven.

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Il Pesto alla Genovese - Le ricette di Buonissimo!

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Il pesto alla genovese va preparato pestando il basilico in un mortaio di marmo e aggiungendo successivamente i pinoli e infine, cucchiaio su cucchiaio, il parmigiano e il pecorino chiudendo la preparazione con l’olio che va miscelato goccia a goccia.

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Inside the Conclave

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Inside the Conclave

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