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Ducati Monster 1200 awarded “Most Beautiful Bike of Show” by EICMA 2013 visitors

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Ducati’s brand new Monster 1200 has been voted “Most Beautiful Bike of Show” on the closing day of the EICMA 2013 International Motorcycle Show in Milan.

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Pinocchio villa for sale at £8.7million - Telegraph

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The Florence villa that inspired Pinocchio author Carlo Collodi is for sale.

Want to buy the villa that inspired the author of Pinocchio? It will set you back £8.7million.

The Villa di Colonnata, in a suburb of Florence called Sesto Fiorentino, is a world away from the humble workshop where the carpenter Geppetto’s marionette is born in the book by Carlo Collodi. The 3,000-square-metre (32,000 square feet) mansion has seven acres of garden, including a lawn known as the ‘Field of Miracles’, where a gardener famously found a hoard of coins in the 19th century – a tale that was included in ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio’. The Field of Miracles appears in Pinocchio as the place where a sly fox and cat persuade the gullible Pinocchio to bury his money, telling him that it will grow and multiply.

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Venetiae 2011

Venetiae 2011

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'Berlusconi pimps' indicted for 26 prostitutes - ANSA English - ANSA.it

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(ANSA) - Bari, November 12 - An Italian judge on Tuesday indicted seven suspects involved in allegedly supplying ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi with dozens of women for sex parties in exchange for public contracts.The suspects include Bari businessman Gianpaolo Tarantini, whom Berlusconi is also accused of paying to hush up the alleged procurement, and German actress Sabina Began, known by the nickname ‘Queen Bee’.The trial is set to begin February 6 in Bari. Charges include the aiding and exploitation of prostitution of 26 women, many of them escorts, who between 2008 and 2009 were brought to the residences of then premier Berlusconi.

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Things to Know If You’re Going to Italy | Italian Unification

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The Italian unification was the political and social movement, known as Risorgimento, meaning the Resurgence, that agglomerated different states of the Italian peninsula into the single state of the Kingdom of Italy in the 19th century, overcoming 1300 years of disunity. The process began in 1815 with the Congress of Vienna and the end of Napoleonic rule, and ended in 1870 with the Capture of Rome. Some of the terre irredente did not, however, join the Kingdom of Italy until after World War I with the Treaty of Saint-Germain. Some nationalists see the Armistice of Villa Giusti as the end of unification.

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Uma Thurman Stars in 2014 Campari Calendar | Italia Living

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Hollywood actresses and iconic beauty dazzles in red.

She’s one of he most famous Hollywood actresses and iconic beauties of all time – and now Uma Thurman has added another line to her resume after being unveiled as the star of Campari’s 2014 calendar.

The makers of the classic Italian apéritif Campari have tapped actress Uma Thurman to star in their 2014 calendar. The calendar will be called ‘Worldwide Celebrations’, with each month focusing on a unique festival from a number of different cultures around the world. This is the 15th edition of the Campari calendar, which was photographed this year by Koto Bolofo.

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Festamore Weddings, voor een bijzondere, persoonlijke bruiloft in Italië - Sposarsi d'Italia

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Italië staat voor enorme passie, liefde, bijzonder landschap, cultuur, heerlijk eten, zalige wijnen en niet te vergeten het heerlijke klimaat! Kort gezegd: La bella vita in Italia!

Een bruiloft in Italië organiseren is niet zo eenvoudig als dat het lijkt. Er komt veel bij kijken op wettelijk gebied en voor het logistieke deel is kennis van de regio nodig. Ook is de werkhouding in Italië heel anders dan wij gewend zijn. Wij noemen het wel eens gekscherend: de “dopo domani cultuur”: wat vandaag niet lukt, komt (over)morgen wel.

Door onze ervaring kennen wij de Italiaanse trouwmarkt, locaties en leveranciers goed. En nog steeds breiden we dit uit door de meest uiteenlopende bruiloften die we daar organiseren. Want of het nu om een intieme bruiloft gaat met 20 gasten of een met 100, wij gaan tot het uiterste om deze neer te zetten zoals jullie als bruidspaar het voor ogen hebben. Wij vertalen jullie wensen naar een daadwerkelijke huwelijksdag!

Omdat wij bruiloften het meest persoonlijke vinden wat 2 personen kunnen aan gaan, organiseren wij dit ook op dezelfde wijze: persoonlijk! Wij bieden geen vaste pakketjes aan, we plannen jullie bruiloft geheel op maat! Of jullie het nou willen invullen met Nederlandse of Italiaanse tradities, óf een mix hiervan, wij zorgen ervoor dat het van A-Z klopt!

Si, ho tanta voglia di sposarmi in Italia, organizzato da FestAmore Weddings!

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Panettone « Cristofoli Italcasa

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Panettone is een Italiaans brood. Het komt oorspronkelijk uit Milaan. Het brood heeft een luchtige structuur en is gevuld met sukade, gekonfijte sinaasappelschil en rozijnen. In Nederland en België wordt panettone steeds meer verkocht.

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Le Marche in da Kitchen

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If you didn’t get it I am from Le Marche: a region in the central part of Italy, an almost mystical territory, a peaceful area which you would never hear on the news: a proper middle-earth. In many ways it is the mirror image of its more internationally renowned neighbour Tuscany especially for its cuisine and landscape; nevertheless it has remained an hidden jewel, rustic and a bit backward. I am totally in love with my region: its gentle hills that always welcome me home like a mother’s arms, its ploughed fields that always remind me of the diligence of my people, and its coastal cliffs severe like a father and haughty like the fashionable girls from our area.

Our cuisine is a mix between the sophisticated delicacies of northern Italy combined with the more rustic and almost craggy southern peasant food, which creates a disparate magnificent culinary heritage; from meat to fish dishes, from liver salami to the finest truffle, from vincisgrassi (a local type of lasagne) to brodetto (a very particular fish soup) each of which will be presented with its own personal and family story.

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I Tesori delle Marche in Un Gioco

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"Treasures in the Adristorical Lands" è un gioco per dispositivi mobili realizzati dalla Regione Marche per promuovere luoghi e itinerari nel territorio marchigiano che sono inclusi nel Progetto Adristorical Lands.

Un gioco che vi accoppagna alla scoperta delle Marche, un diario di viaggio di che vi ripropone fatti e curiosità sui luoghi che avete scoperto! Per i Marchigiani un test di conoscenza della propria regione e per i più piccoli un modo per vivere l’avventura, la scoperta e l’esplorazione in viaggio o a due passi da casa.

Il gioco è strutturato in percorsi tematici gli stessi pensati per il progetto Adristorical Lands.

Ogni tema nasconde alcune destinazioni turistiche con dentro una serie di giochi.

Il completamento di un gioco porta alla scoperta di un luogo con una foto, una descrizione e un link al sito.

I luoghi scoperti vengono aggiunti ad un possibile “diario di viaggio” del giocatore

L’App è disponibile per iPhone , iPad e iPod Touch e Android ed è realizzata in diverse lingue.

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Confusion over Venice cruise ship ban - Telegraph

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News that major changes are to come into force for cruise ships sailing in and out of Venice from next year has left big question marks over how the developments will affect cruise holidays.

The number of cruise ships exceeding 40,000 tonnes and sailing in the Giudecca Canal – for those classic Venice-at-your-feet views – will be reduced by 20 per cent from January 2014, while those exceeding 96,000 tonnes will be banned entirely from crossing the canal from November 2014, Italian media reported this week.

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Een unieke kijk op Napels | Fotoblog | Ciao tutti - ontdekkingsblog door Italië

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Gastblogger Paul Janssen nam ons mee naar Napels. Hij ontmoette zoveel bijzondere mensen dat één blog niet genoeg was. Deel 2 van een unieke kijk op Napels!

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Time to Light Up your day with the Italian Coffee Lamps (bij...

Time to Light Up your day with the Italian Coffee Lamps (bij Italian Entertainment And More - Italian Coffee Handbags)

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Buongiorno, time to go to the Mercato Italiano. (bij Italian...

Buongiorno, time to go to the Mercato Italiano. (bij Italian Entertainment And More - Italian Coffee Handbags)

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Lets Work!

Lets Work!

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