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Rocket Espresso: topklasse koffieapparatuur uit Milaan - De Smaak van Italië

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In Milaan, het centrum van design en Italiaanse smaak, staat het espresso atelier van Rocket. Hier worden topklasse espressomachines met de hand samengesteld uit de beste componenten. Voor koffieliefhebbers het summum wat Italië te bieden heeft. De espressomachines zijn bedoeld om thuis dezelfde koffiekwaliteit te bieden zoals iedereen gewend is in de beste Italiaanse espressobars. De Rocket apparatuur beschikt over materialen zoals die in de horeca wordt toegepast. Dat biedt robuuste kwaliteit, een verfijnde smaak en prachtig Italiaans design. De espressomachines zijn echte blikvangers waar dagelijks plezier aan wordt beleefd. Rocket Espresso levert vier verschillende modellen, voor elk wat wils.

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Dimissioni Papa, il volo in elicottero - Repubblica.it

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Un addio scenografico complice la luce del tramonto su Roma e un cielo limpidissimo. In questa galleria le suggestive immmagini dell’elicottero con a bordo il Papa mentre sorvola il cupolone della Basilica di San Pietro e la città.

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Le Marche Best accommodation: Malatesta Maison, Pergola

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Malatesta Maison has six rooms. Different sizes and unique design pieces single out each room. In the construction of every ambient, natural elements such as wood and linen were used along with concrete structures, putting together traditional aspects of decoration with modern design. Each piece of furniture, from small clocks to confortable chairs, from lamps to coat-hangers),were picked specially by the owners in their travels abroad and in the secret italian markets in order to build a space that both triggers curiosity and meets the highest standards. Each room has a complete private bathroom, pure linen bedsheets, flat screen tv and wi-fi.

The origin of Malatesta Maison goes back to 1485 when Malatesta family from Rimini ruled over the land. It’s referred as “Malatesta Villa” in some documents listing the goods of this old linage from Romagna. Built as a place for holidays in the countryside, this great house was placed at the top of a hill called until today “Malatesta” in geographic maps. Visitors of this welcoming house did not stop coming, thug, after the Malatestas were expelled in early 1500’s. In fact, until a few decades ago the place was chosen uninterruptedly by many families to repose in the peaceful valley of the Marchs. After being abandoned for a few time, Malatesta Maison recovers the original concept of the property to satisfy the requirements of current travellers.

alatesta Maison is the result of an accurate restoration carried out according to bioarchitectural principles, pointing at preservating integrally the original aspect of the 15th century building and keeping it alive respecting and promoting an optimal relationship between landscape and architecture.

Malatesta Maison is above all a place to leave behind urban noise and concerns. In the middle of Marchigian countryside it’s both easy to get at and perfect to enjoy the solitude in a region still free from massive tourism.

Malatesta Maison is a complex of three houses. In the main one there are common spaces, some rooms for hosts and the owners’ residence, who have turned this place into their home. The other two include the rest of the rooms, a small spa and a multifunctional hall.

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Means rigatoni with fried zucchini, provolone and basil

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A first course of Italian tradition, to which the provolone (strictly spicy), adds an extra touch. Miss a sprinkling of black pepper, freshly ground. Even in this case the courgette we have used is the Sicilian, Green pallido, which has a stronger flavor than the dark green. Basil can be very well replaced by mint, which gives the dish taste more fresh and goes well with zucchini.

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#Pasta #Penne con #Pesto #Rosso (bij Italian Entertainment And...

#Pasta #Penne con #Pesto #Rosso (bij Italian Entertainment And More - Italian Coffee Handbags)

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John Burton nieuwe baas Fiat-GAC in China | Auto Edizione

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Fiat’s JV samen met GAC, heeft per vandaag een nieuwe algemeen directeur in de persoon van John Burton (rechts op de foto). Burton neemt het stokje van Managing Director Jack Cheng over en leidt de operatie die tot een jaarlijkse verkoop van 300.000 auto’s in 2014 moet leiden. Cheng zal nu bij dochteronderneming Magneti Marelli aan de slag gaan in een vergelijkbare positie. Zheng Xiancong (in het midden op de foto) blijft de president van de firma en Jiang Ping (links op de foto) de Vice-General Manager van GAC Fiat Automobiles Co. LTD.

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Una cena Marchigiana in versione vegetariana allo Sheraton

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Le eccellenze marchigiane sono state le protagoniste del secondo appuntamento dell’anno di Per Tutti i Gusti – Il giro d’Italia a tavola, rassegna enogastronomica coordinata dal sempre sorridente direttore di collane enogastronomiche Carlo Vischi.

Al Ristorante Il Canneto, allo Sheraton Milan Malpensa Hotel, 2 sere fa ho assaggiato piatti che richiamavano la tradizione delle Marche, ovviamente in chiave vegetariana, anche perché a quanto pare in questa cucina regionale la carne regna sovrana (marchigiani, confermate?).

Lo chef executive Enrico Fiorentini de Il Canneto ha accolto nella propria cucina, prima per uno show cooking poi per la cena, gli chef Lucio Pompili del ristorante Symposium (Cartoceto); Stefano Ciotti dei Laghi di Urbino; Michele Biagiola di Le Case (Macerata) e il neostellato Errico Recanati di Andreina (Loreto).

La mia versione veg della cena comprendeva:

- antipasto di erbette con castagne;

- risotto all’arancio con farina di olio: non sono una fan degli agrumi in cucina, ma questo piatto non era stucchevole, anzi, e la farina di olio è una polvere impalpabile gustosissima;

- spaghetti alla carbonara vegetariana: questo piatto è fisso nel menù dello Sheraton, è vegano, e la crema gialla dell’uovo è qui sostituita da una crema di peperoni gialli;

- verdure grigliate;

- mela cotta di Camerino con frittella di castagne e uvetta.

Buoni i vini, che potete vedere elencati nella foto di seguito; ho apprezzato molto il Vino cotto stravecchio Occhio di Gallo dell’Azienda Agricola Tibero. È una bevanda tipica marchigiana che non avevo mai sentito e che mi ricorda i ‘sughi’ emiliani, che si producono a partire dalla stessa base di mosto.

Il costo della cena era di 55€ bevande incluse; il menù della serata sarà presente nella carta de Il Canneto fino al 24 marzo, quando una nuova regione diventerà protagonista dell’iniziativa.

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Panoram Italia - Musica Italiana: Panoram Italia’s Picks

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The best new italian music.

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Cortona, Italy: a journey through the ages

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The hill town of Cortona rises above the Val di Chiana, its white marble and stonework reflecting the sun like some great beacon. This Etruscan town’s origins actually predate recorded history, but its storied existence has long been a focus of commerce, pilgrimage, and war here in central Italy. One of its most popular foundation myths was that the son of Noah, Crano, navigated to that area following the great flood and, finding it fertile and calm, founded his city on the hillside.

Cortona was more likely founded by the Umbrians, a tribal group in ancient Italy, but soon taken over and enlarged by the Etruscans. The original town was settled around 3,000 years ago, some three to four hundred years before the founding of Rome.

The Etruscans, who predated the Romans, were a devoutly religious people whose wealth stemmed from intercity trade. The Republic of Rome eventually absorbed Cortona itself, and thanks to the Romans roads and highways that were built all over the peninsula, urban centers became linked to one another for the first time. Cortona benefitted immensely from regional trade, and quickly became extremely wealthy. Unfortunately the Roman civilization came crashing down before the city had a chance to develop fully.

For the next few centuries, Cortona was subjected to countless raids by barbarian tribes from the north, but with the birth of Christendom it reestablished its prominence in the Italian peninsula. During the Renaissance Cortona quickly became an artistic and cultural center, boasting works of Lucca Signorelli and Fra Angelico. It was also the home of Saint Margaret of Cortona, who followed in the example of St. Francis and his Franciscan Order, yet established her own sainthood through good works and piety. She is credited with the foundation of the hospital of Cortona, and upon her death she was immediately dubbed a saint, although she was not officially canonized until 1728.

Today you can see the original walls of the Etruscan city beneath the more modern medieval ones, and you may recognize parts of the town from the recent film Under the Tuscan Sun. It won’t take long for you to understand why Cortona was chosen as the setting for the movie; its inhabitants exhibit the same warmth that Tuscans are known for, and are extremely charming to boot.

Evenings in the city can be spent exploring the quiet streets or taking in a concerto in the main piazza. During the summertime Cortona offers an extensive schedule of musical productions for visitors and locals alike to enjoy. There is also the home of our friend Alessandra to visit, where she hosts a fantastic cooking class. You can learn traditional Tuscan cuisine as well as all about the culture and history behind many of Tuscany’s most famous dishes. Add some fine wine to this experience and you are sure to be captivated by this magical and historic place.

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Restaurant van de week: Zilli Caffé Trattoria Bar - Italie in Bedrijf

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In 1932 liet Umberto Zilli zijn vaderland achter zich en vestigde zich in Arnhem, waar hij een Italiaanse ijssalon begon. Tachtig jaar later is de zaak nog altijd in handen van de familie Zilli en getransformeerd tot een sfeervolle Italiaanse trattoria. Door de gedeeltelijk open keuken kunt u precies zien hoe de gerechten worden klaargemaakt. Een aanrader is de spaghetti allo Zilli, die de kok aan tafel bereidt. In december 2007 is David Zilli benoemd tot ambassadeur van de Italiaanse keuken en ontving hij, net als zijn vader eerder, deze prestigieuze onderscheiding uit handen van de president van Italië, Giorgio Napoletano.

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Salvaging the Costa Concordia

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A year after the Italian cruise liner capsized, BBC News looks at how work to remove the wreck from the coast of the small island of Giglio is progressing.

Almost a year ago, more than 3,000 people were relaxing aboard the opulent cruise liner Costa Concordia at the start of a week-long Mediterranean cruise. Today the ship is the subject of possibly the largest and most daunting marine salvage operation ever attempted.

On Friday 13 January 2012, the huge vessel heeled over on to its side, with more than 4,000 people on board, just off the coast of the small Italian island of Giglio.

Thirty-two passengers and crew members died in the accident, which unfolded when Capt Francesco Schettino steered the ship too close to shore while trying to show it off to islanders, and hit a rock.

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Costa Concordia plaintiffs claim "a huge victory" - Marine Log

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FEBRUARY 26, 2013 — Plaintiffs in a suit against Carnival Corporation brought following the January 2012 Costa Concordia grounding incident have won what law firm Napoli Bern Ripka Shkolnik, LLP calls “a huge victory.”

A District Judge in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida last week ordered the claims of 104 survivors of the incident remanded to the Florida State Court for continued litigation. The court’s February 15, 2013 order concerned two cases, Denise Abeid-Saba , et al., v. Carnival Corporation et al., (USDC-SDFla Docket No.: 12-CV-23513) and Scimone v. Carnival Corp., (USDC-S.D.Fla Docket No.: 12-CV-23505), together representing the claims of 104 plaintiffs injured when the cruise ship capsized after grounding on rocks just off the shore of Isola del Giglio .

Both cases were initially commenced in the Florida State Court against Carnival Corp. as the parent corporation as well as the ship designers and the architect.

The cases were removed to the Federal Court by the defendants under the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005 (“CAFA”), which allows for the removal of so-called “mass actions” to the federal courts. As the District Court noted, however, the CAFA expressly excludes those cases that are consolidated by a defense motion to achieve the CAFA minimum of 100 plaintiffs. Since neither the Abeid-Saba action nor the Scimone action contained 100 plaintiffs, the Court held that neither was amenable to removal under CAFA. Defendants also plead “federal question” jurisdiction as a second basis for removal; the District Court rejected this argument as well, holding that the interests in the litigation of the Italian government, which took no position in the litigation and neither owned nor operated the doomed vessel, were “speculative at best.”

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International Competition Calls For Ideas To Revitalise Pompeii

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The Italian government and the town of Pompeii have launched an international competition in an effort to develop the town’s tourism attractions.

Called ‘99 Ideas Call for Pompeii’, the competition is being promoted by the Minister for Territorial Cohesion Fabrizio Barca, the Minister for Cultural Heritage and Affairs Lorenzo Ornaghi and the Municipality of Pompeii. Its goal is to develop Pompeii by building on its two major attractions: the archaeological site and Shrine of the Virgin of the Rosary of Pompeii dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary that has become a point of pilgrimage. Competition entrants are requested to submit proposals on realising the potential of the two attractions and their possible synergies with other local assets with the aim of rendering the town more attractive, welcoming and visible, and increasing the competitiveness of the local tourism and heritage industry.

Proposals can cover various themes including how to extend visitors’ stay by identifying additional attractions, promoting initiatives concerning attractions; developing local traditions such as handicrafts, improving the level of quality of service and infrastructure for visitors, developing the adjacent areas and providing services to the two major attractions, and promoting initiatives to secure the participation of citizens in the governance process and planning of projects.

The competition is open to interested parties such as professionals, academics and stakeholders acting individually or in association from Italy or abroad. It remains open until 15 April. Entrants can submit ideas at the www.99ideas.it website.

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Marika Viano · Business Class

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Wekelijks bespreekt presentator Harry Mens in het programma Business Class op RTL 7, de gebeurtenissen op zakelijk en financieel-economisch gebied van de afgelopen week. Suze Mens verzorgt sfeerreportages op locatie in binnen- en buitenland.

3 maart 2013

Harry spreekt deze week met Italië-deskundige Marika Viano over de verkiezingen in Italië. De verrassende comeback van Berlusconi, die nauwelijks meer dan een jaar geleden nog werd uitgejouwd toen hij zijn residentie verliet, tekent de onvrede onder de Italianen over het beleid van zijn opvolger, Mario Monti. De lieveling van Brussel en de financiële markten bleef met zijn centrumrechtse gelegenheidscoalitie steken op nog geen 10 procent van de stemmen.

Marika Viano is Italië-correspondent in Nederland en werkt voor twee van de grootste kranten in Italië: de Corriere della Sera en de Gazzetta dello Sport.

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Nederland is Italiaanser dan Italië zelf

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Het kabinet zoekt steun bij de oppositie met het oog op een werkbare meerderheid in de Eerste Kamer. Maar het belang is groter dan dat. Nederland kijkt gewoontegetrouw meewarig naar de politieke ontwikkelingen in Italië, maar hoe terecht is dat?

Nederland kende in deze eeuw al meer kabinetten dan Italië. Het Nederlandse financieringstekort is anderhalf keer zo groot als het Italiaanse en de gecombineerde schuld van overheid en private sector is in Italië 2,5 keer de omvang van de economie op jaarbasis, terwijl Nederland ook hier de Italianen verslaat met een gecombineerde schuld die drie keer de omvang van de economie heeft.

Beppe Grillo zette de Italiaanse politiek de afgelopen dagen op zijn kop. Het land wordt, ook volgens Nederlandse commentaren hopeloos onbestuurbaar. Maar in eigen land hoefde eerst Pim Fortuyn, later Geert Wilders en nu weer Henk Krol maar een pink op te heffen en ze hebben er weer tien Kamerzetels bij in de peilingen.

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Alla scoperta del Castello di Miramare

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Con l’approssimarsi della primavera, il Castello di Miramare con il suo parco può diventare meta di una piacevole giornata!

Il maniero si trova sulla punta del promontorio di Grignano, a picco sul mare: da qui, si può godere di un bellissimo panorama sul Golfo di Trieste.

Addentrandosi nelle sue stanze, si possono ammirare sontuosi arredi originali dell’800.

Costruito attorno al 1860 per volere dell’arciduca Massimiliano D’Asburgo, il complesso è fortemente influenzato dal gusto romantico… che stanze magnifiche!

Pensate che anche la principessa Sissi vi soggiornò per almeno quattordici volte tra il 1869 e il 1896.

Ammirando le sue numerose stanze, sembra di fare un salto indietro nel tempo!

Ci si può inoltre addentrare nel bellissimo parco che, con i suoi ventidue ettari di superificie, ricopre tutto il promontorio roccioso di Grignano… impagabile il panorama che si può ammirare da qui!

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Benedictus XVI is niet langer paus - De Standaard

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Paus Benedictus XVI heeft donderdagmiddag het Vaticaan verlaten. Per helikopter begaf hij zich naar zijn zomerresidentie Castel Gandolfo, een dertigtal kilometer buiten Rome. Sinds 20 uur is hij paus-emeritus.

De helikopter was door de Italiaanse staat van de Italiaanse luchtvaartmaatschappij Alitalia aan de Duitse kerkleider geleend, maar was met de vlag van de Heilige Stoel versierd. Het witte toestel steeg om 17.05 uur op op de helihaven van Vaticaanstad. Op dat ogenblik gingen in de Sint-Pietersbasiliek en elders in Rome klokken aan het luiden.

Enkele minuten voor zijn vertrek heeft Benedictus (85) in een laatste tweet de gelovigen opgeroepen Christus centraal te zetten in hun leven. Hij dankte ook voor de “liefde en steun”.

Thank you for your love and support. May you always experience the joy that comes from putting Christ at the centre of your lives.

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DJ Afrojack rijdt alweer in nieuwe Ferrari

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Een dag nadat DJ Afrojack zijn brandnieuwe Ferrari in de prak reed, zit de bekende Spijkenisser alweer achter het stuur van een nieuwe bolide. ”Dat was snel”, twitterde hij met een foto van een blauwe Ferrari.

De beroemde brokkenpiloot (echte naam: Nick van de Wall) plaatste woensdag een foto op Twitter van zijn zwaar gehavende Ferrari. Hij had de rode sportwagen net opgehaald, maar kwam niet ver. Op een glad stukje slipte hij weg, om vervolgens tegen de vangrail tot stilstand te komen.

Ferrari leek zijn beroemde klant de crash niet aan te rekenen. Afrojack twitterde donderdag dat er al een beterschapskaart en een cadeaupakket van de autofabrikant op de mat waren gevallen. ”Autobloggie erbij en gaan”.

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Come scegliere un olio extra vergine d'oliva

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L’olio extra vergine d’oliva, come prodotto agricolo, è una vera e propria spremuta di olive, per questo, è del tutto naturale e non deve intervenire, nella sua estrazione, nessun processo chimico.

Se guardiamo lo scaffale di un supermercato, notiamo subito che ci sono molti oli extra vergini che si presentano con colori e forme diversificate ma soprattutto con prezzi molti differenti.

A questo punto il consumatore è decisamente disorientato, come scegliere un prodotto piuttosto che un altro considerando che tutti, in etichetta, riportano la stessa scritta “olio extra vergine d’oliva”? Esiste realmente una differenza tra gli oli in vendita?

In questo panorama affollato e confuso, chi detta le regole e conduce la scelta del consumatore è il marketing con messaggi diversi: natura, benessere, salute, semplicità, oppure utilizzando semplicemente la leva prezzo.

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Politieke posts in Pompeii | Kunst uit Italië | Ciao tutti - ontdekkingsblog door Italië

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We nemen jullie mee naar de politieke slogans van lang geleden, naar de vroege voorloper van social media – beide terug te vinden op de Romeinse muren in Pompeii.

Het was een bewogen week in Italië, met zondag en maandag verkiezingen en een op zijn minst chaotisch te noemen uitslag. Iedereen vraagt zich af of het land wel te regeren valt met deze uitslag – de Italiaanse politieke kopstukken voorop.

We willen jullie vandaag echter geen verslag doen van de huidige politieke situatie (collega Andrea Vreede deed dit al uitstekend en zeer verhelderend). We willen jullie meenemen naar de politieke slogans van lang geleden, vertellen over de vroege voorloper van social media – beide terug te vinden op… de Romeinse muren in Pompeii.

De Finse onderzoekster Eeva-Maria Viitanen ontdekte dat huiseigenaren in Pompeii enige controle uit konden oefenen op degenen die de muren van hun huizen ‘bekladden’ met politieke boodschappen. Tijdens de jaarlijkse bijeenkomst van het Archaeological Institute of America in Seattle legde ze uit dat er bodschappen in de muren werden gekrast. In sommige gevallen werd er net als tegenwoordig zelfs heuse graffiti op de muren geschilderd, vaak in opdracht van politici die hier ook voor betaalden.

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