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marchebreaks: Life in Le Marche is… what you get if you were...


Life in Le Marche is… what you get if you were good in a previous life #massignano #piceno #ascolano #marche #lemarche #italy #marcheisthebest #marchebreaks #lifemarche #italia #ilikeitaly #iloveitaly #ilikemarche #ilikelemarche #ilovemarche #ilovelemarche (presso Massignano)

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places-to-visit-in-rome: Colosseum of Rome Travel Guide...


Colosseum of Rome Travel Guide http://ift.tt/1F6T1Jl

Information about places to visit in Rome, pictures of Rome, News and insider travel tips.

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Sport Invernali nelle Marche

Sport Invernali nelle Marche:


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Le cime innevate dei crinali Appenninici delle Marche offrono le condizioni ideali per gli sport invernali.

In inverno si può sciare in piena libertà su sentieri di neve fresca oppure grazie ai moderni impianti di risalita. La scelta è…

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places-to-visit-in-rome: Places to visit in Rome - Nice day for...


Places to visit in Rome - Nice day for a white #wedding at the Colosseum in #Rome May 2007 #tbt #tbtbrklynbiz #Roma #Colosseum #italy #italia #bride #Europe #Peroni #RomanEmpire

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Chifeleti di patate - La ricetta di Buonissimo

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I chifeleti di patate sono una ricetta tipica della cucina del Friuli Venezia Giulia ma di origine austriaca. Si preparano con le patate sbucciate e lessate a cui aggiungere burro, uova, sale e poi formando un impasto morbido aggiungendo la farina. Una volta pronti vengono fritti in olio abbondante fino a doratura.

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Tutti A Tavola. Pizza! @gustodilella #festapizza #festadilella...

Tutti A Tavola. Pizza! @gustodilella #festapizza #festadilella #pizzataglio #pizzafornolegno #pizzaioli #pizzadimamna (bij Good Things From Italy)

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Italian Entertainment And More Promotieblog

Promotieblog van Italiaanse Passie & Sfeer. Actueel Italiaanse nieuws en wetenswaardigheden ter promotie van het thema Italie!

Good Things From Italy's insight:

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KoffieVoordeel. Italiaanse premium koffie voor spectaculaire lage prijzen! Lavazza - Segafredo - Illy - Grand Maestro Italiano

Koffievoordeel beschikt over een enorm assortiment koffie afkomstig uit alle toonaangevende koffie gebieden over de hele wereld.


LAVAZZA - SEGAFREDO - Illy - Cups voor NESPRESSO machine – Grand Maestro Italiano – Australian – Laurentis – TikTak en nog veel meer!

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Discover Underground Narni

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An ancient Umbrian town inspired the setting for The Chronicles of Narnia.What is the connection between one of the world’s most popular children’s book series and a small hill town in the heart of Umbria? C.S. Lewis, author of The Chronicles of Narnia, a classic of children’s literature, named the imaginary land where his tales are set after the ancient town of Narni, Umbria, after seeing the name in an atlas as a child.

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Orange and ricotta tart | mylittleitaliankitchen.com

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Today got off to a better start!! I baked an orange tart with a filling of ricotta using a perfumed organic orange and lemon; the zest gave off an uplifting perfume around the house so you can imagine how delicious this cake was.

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'Sorry, ik ben een tijdje weg van deze planeet'- De Smaak van Italië

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Samantha Cristoforetti is misschien wel de meest genoemde vrouw in de Italiaanse media van afgelopen week. Jongetjes dromen van haar, meisjes willen in haar voetsporen treden. 37 jaar, afgestudeerd in werktuigbouwkunde en vloeiend in het Italiaans, Engels, Duits, Frans en Russisch. Terwijl de meeste leeftijdsgenoten van deze geboren Milanese, die opgroeide in Malè (Trentino), zich bezighielden met meer aardse zaken, had Samantha haar blik al op de hemel gericht. Daar wilde ze naartoe, naar de sterren.Dat Cristoforetti een geboren avonturier is, blijkt wel uit haar hobby’s: hiken, duiken, grotten verkennen. Desondanks wist ze genoeg rust te vinden om haar focus op haar studie te zetten (wellicht dankzij die andere hobby: yoga). Ze begon in Bolzano en Trento, deed een uitwisseling in Amerika, haalde haar graad in werktuigbouwkunde in München en studeerde verder aan de Nationale Lucht- en Ruimtevaartschool in Toulouse en de Mendeleev Universiteit in Moskou. Alles met één doel: de ruimte in.

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Italy's first case of Ebola confirmed - Telegraph

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Doctor who was working with patients near Freetown with Ebola patients is back in Italy for treatmentAn Italian doctor who contracted Ebola while working in Sierra Leone is being repatriated to Italy for treatment, health officials in Rome confirmed on Monday.

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Tourist fined €20,000 for carving initial on Rome’s Colosseum

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Russian man arrested for carving a large letter ‘K’ on wall, the latest of several acts of vandalism on historic building this year.In the latest episode of tourists behaving badly in Rome, a Russian has been fined €20,000 (£15,800) for carving his initial into the Colosseum.The 42-year-old tourist used a stone to carve a 25cm “K” into a wall inside the ancient amphitheatre. He was caught in the act by a guard and arrested by police, before being fined and given a four-month suspended prison sentence.

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Is Rome Burning? - NYTimes.com

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MILAN — The depressed outskirts of Italian cities are ticking time bombs; far from the eyes of well-heeled vacationers perambulating the Colosseum, the country’s fuse is sputtering short.An entire suburban district of Rome — Tor Sapienza — recently took to the streets to protest an influx of recent immigrants, blaming them for robberies and violence and drawing a public warning of an impending “social emergency” from Pope Francis.

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New James Bond film to shoot car chase scenes in Rome

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Italian shoot to take place in spring 2015 with 007 directors working out of renowned Cinecitta complex, writes Ben ChildKey scenes for the next James Bond movie, including several high-speed car chases, are to be shot on the streets of Rome, according to reports.Three action scenes, including night-time vehicle chases, will take place in the city’s historic centre and on the famous Corso Vittorio Emanuele II thoroughfare.One chase will climax with a car crashing into the Tiber river, while another features the crushing of a Fiat 500 near the Vatican. In a separate action scene Daniel Craig as 007 will parachute from a helicopter on to the 15th-century pedestrian bridge, Ponte Sisto.

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