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Romme stopt als bondscoach van Italiaanse schaatsers

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Gianni Romme stopt als bondscoach van de Italiaanse schaatsers. Dat heeft zijn management dinsdag bekendgemaakt.

Rommes contract liep nog tot en met de Winterspelen van Sotsji in 2014.

In gezamenlijk overleg is besloten het dienstverband te beëindigen. Romme zal bij de WK afstanden al niet meer de coaching op zich nemen.

”Ik heb met veel plezier in Italië gewerkt maar ben tot de conclusie gekomen dat mijn opvattingen over het bedrijven van topsport niet altijd overeenkomen met het gedachtegoed binnen het Italiaanse schaatsen”, verklaarde Romme.

”Ik mis over het algemeen de ‘drive’ waarin ik mezelf in atleten als Anni Friesinger en Enrico Fabris herken.”

Romme begon zijn trainersloopbaan als coach van Friesinger en maakte twee jaar geleden op verzoek van Fabris de overstap naar de Italiaanse schaatsbond. Fabris beëindigde echter vorig seizoen zijn carrière.

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Nasce a Firenze la Fondazione Ferragamo per promozione del Made in Italy

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di Elisabetta Vagaggini

Nasce a Firenze la Fondazione Ferragamo, presieduta da Wanda Miletti Ferragamo. Una Fondazione con lo scopo di promuovere e valorizzare l’artigianato e il made in Italy, rivolgendo la propria attenzione alla moda, al design, ai percorsi e processi creativi e culturali in genere, in linea con i canoni estetici e stilistici concepiti ed espressi nell’opera di Salvatore Ferragamo.

La Fondazione intende infatti promuovere la conoscenza e la memoria dell’opera e della personalità di Salvatore Ferragamo presso la collettività e far conoscere al pubblico di tutto il mondo le qualità artistiche di Salvatore Ferragamo e il ruolo che ha ricoperto nella storia non solo della calzatura del Novecento, ma anche della moda internazionale.

Per raggiungere tali obiettivi si punterà a valorizzazione dell’archi­vio storico di Salvatore Ferragamo, nel quale sono conservati i documenti, i brevetti, i prodotti che testimoniano l’intero arco della sua vita professionale. Nelle attività della Fondazione sono contemplate molteplici forme di collaborazione con il Museo Salvatore Ferragamo, che possano offrire significativi contributi alla realizzazione di mostre, semi­nari e attività didattiche conformi agli scopi della Fondazione.

Una delle finalità principali della Fondazione è infatti quella di offrire ai giovani opportu­nità di crescita e di formazione, prendendo ad esempio e testimonianza il percorso pro­fessionale di Salvatore Ferragamo e i valori su cui ha fondato la sua opera perfettamente espressi nell’ autobiografia, Il calzolaio dei sogni: la passione artigiana, la sperimentazio­ne continua, l’innovazione tecnologica e la creatività, l’apertura al mondo della cultura, il lavoro come vocazione irrinunciabile della vita, come scrive Ferragamo. Corsi di formazione, laboratori, iniziative culturali, pubblicazioni saranno ideati e orga­nizzati dalla Fondazione in collaborazione con enti ed istituzioni pubbliche e private che perseguano gli stessi scopi. Saranno istituiti premi e borse di studio che permetteranno ai giovani di sviluppare progetti creativi, originali e innovativi e intraprendere nuovi campi d’indagine.

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Italy for solo travellers: What is the best time to visit Italy?

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If you are a young foreign woman eager to make the most of a trip to Italy, here is my point of view:

Of course it depends of which kind of traveller you are, whether you want to meet the local people in the neighbourhood bar or prefer to wander the various sites, guide book in hand which is interesting but can be a little lonely.

Summer in Italy is great, don’t misunderstand me. Even the “deadly hot” time of August, especially in Rome has lot to offer because all the Italians tend to escape to the beach

Spring is a fantastic period to visit Italy in general, the Italian spirit wakes up from its winter drowsiness, breathes the air fragrant from spring flowers and puts the smile back on its face. Women start to dress in pretty outfits, shorter skirts and heels much to the delight of all the men!

The Mediterranean habit of sitting outside a cafe, watching the world parade past is reawakened, everyone gently enjoying the scene.

So I think it is a great time to perhaps encounter a romantic time, especially if you can find someone really interesting to accompany you to the museums, churches etc or even just a walk in the lovely countryside. Hills topped with castled villages are magnificent, there are fewer tourists and the locals are happy to make you welcome. Staying only in town will lose you so much of the beauty, charm and culture of any area.

After Easter the lidos reopen and it is possible to find great fish and seafood in the many excellent restaurants. Further inland the menus change to more local regional produce - all of it excellent.

Prices can be very attractive in this season and what you buy on your shopping adventures, especially the many discount outlets for Prada, Armani etc can be still worn for the summer at home to the envy of all your friends who haven’t had your luck in coming here.

April, May, June? They are so different. What a great responsibility it is to suggest the best time for an epic journey… May!!! Definitely May, it has all the joys of spring with less risk of capricious weather of the cooler months and is not yet the debilitating temperatures of high summer.

Come to La Bella Italia in May!!

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Panoram Italia - Blog - Zeppole the traditional sweet of San Giuseppe

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Zeppole the traditional sweet of San Giuseppe.

The Feast of San Giuseppe

While it officially started in Sicily, the Feast of San Giuseppe (St. Joseph) is now celebrated throughout Italy. According to legend, during the Middle Ages a terrible drought and famine plagued the people of Sicily. The catastrophe destroyed most of the crops of the island and many people died of starvation. The people began praying to St. Joseph and begged for his intercession to their plight. In return they promised to celebrate his feast day by having special altars abundant in food that would be shared with all people rich and poor as their thanksgiving to him. The Festa di San Giuseppe is celebrated every March 19.

The Zeppole

The tradition of eating zeppole for San Giuseppe is quite ancient. Traditional zeppole were originally made from fried flour-and-water dough dusted with sugar and powdered cinnamon or dipped in honey. The current, refined version of zeppole with sweet vanilla custard came much later, perhaps towards the end of the 19th century. It is believed that it was invented in Naples.

Today even though zeppole are different and the custom of frying them out in the open and giving most away has been lost, people still carry on the tradition of eating them for the Feast of San Giuseppe. The unanswered question remains do you like them plain, the traditional way, or stuffed with a piece of candied cherry on top?

See recipes bellow

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Over 200,000 gather for Pope Francis Inauguration Mass | Inauguration Mass | ITALY Magazine

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This morning, more than 200,000 people gathered in St Peter’s Square in Rome for the inauguration Mass of Pope Francis.

The Pope marked the start of the new pontificate with a long tour around St. Peter’s Square on an open jeep. He waved and smiled at groups of people from all over the world, hoisting their banners in the square. He got out of the jeep to say hello to a disabled person, then stopped again to kiss two children held out to him from the crowd and, at some point, he also blessed the faithful, smiled and seemed to mouth the word ‘ciao’.

The religious celebration began at St. Peter’s tomb, where the Piscatory ring and the Pallium woolen vestment of the papal office were conferred to the new pope. Pope Francis, formerly Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, chose a model of Piscatory ring made of gold-plated silver, while in the past it was typically cast in gold for each pope. The ring served as the official signet to seal papal documents until 1842. The fact that Pope Francis chose to have a silver ring has been seen by many as a sign that he is aiming to be the “pope of the poor”.

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Piazza San Pietro saluta Papa Francesco: le immagini dall'alto - Repubblica.it

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Una folla composta di persone provenienti da ogni parte del mondo ha atteso fin dalle prime ore dell’alba, e salutato, l’arrivo di Papa Francesco nel giorno della messa per l’inaugurazione del Pontificato…

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Paus Franciscus bij installatie: geef meer aandacht aan armen en milieu

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Paus Franciscus is vanochtend tijdens zijn installatiemis op het Sint-Pietersplein officieel beëdigd. De paus werd eerder bij aankomst op het plein toegejuicht door honderdduizenden gelovigen. In zijn preek vroeg Franciscus aandacht voor de armen en het milieu.

Franciscus kreeg kort na het begin van de installatiemis het pallium om, de dunne stoffen band over zijn habijt die symbool staat voor het schaap dat door de herder wordt gedragen, en de pauselijke vissersring, een verwijzing naar Petrus als visser van gelovigen. Nadat een aantal kardinalen namens het hele college van kardinalen de belofte van gehoorzaamheid heeft herhaald droeg de paus de mis op, omringd door andere kerkelijke leiders.

In zijn preek riep de paus op tot het beschermen van de armen, volgens hem ten onrechte “de laatsten aan wie we denken”. Franciscus zei dat hij zich als paus door de armen zal laten inspireren. Ook stelde hij dat mensen de “vernietiging” van de natuur moeten voorkomen. Verder sprak de paus zich uit tegen haat en afgunst en riep hij zijn toehoorders op “goedheid en tederheid” te tonen.

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Monti Sibillini National Park, Italy by National Geographic via Cancello Est

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Name: Monti Sibillini National Park

Location: ItalyDate Established: 1993Size: 276 square miles (714 square kilometers)

Did You Know?

• Namesake Mount Sibilla is named for a legendary prophetess named Sibyl. Knights and other petitioners from across Europe made the arduous journey to her remote cave, the story goes, in hopes of gaining a few precious pearls of wisdom.

• Village Charm Eighteen charismatic towns, tucked in and among the mountains, are packed with historic art and abbeys, castles, and medieval town centers that evidence an ancient relationship between the land and its people.

• Towns Each community has its own character. Cessapalombo, meaning “cut-down forest,” dates to the third century B.C. and has a museum to charcoal burning, which was one of the early industries in the area. The valley of Acquacanina is a center of Benedictine abbeys, placed under direct Papal protection in 1192. The fortified town of Arquata is still surrounded by ancient walls and gates. And Visso, home of the park’s headquarters, is set among wooded hills where five river valleys converge in a location so inviting humans settled the spot 900 years before Rome was founded.

• Park Peaks Here in the heart of the Sibillini Mountains ten peaks soar above 6,560 feet (2,000 meters), led by Mount Vettore, which tops out at 8,123 feet (2,476 meters). The mountainous slopes that reach these dizzying heights are cut by narrow valleys and rushing rivers before giving way to pastoral alpine landscapes below the tree line.

• Plants and Animals The park is home to 1,800 plant species and a wild bouquet of mountain flowers including edelweiss, pasqueflowers, martagon lilies, bearberries, and various orchids. Animal life includes wolves and wild mountain cats as well as prickly porcupines. Roe deer have recently been reintroduced. Golden eagles, peregrine falcons, eagles, owls, goshawks, snow finches, and sparrow hawks fill the skies. And small invertebrates are among the more interesting inhabitants—several live nowhere else on Earth except in a lake here.

• Local Flavor The Sibillini Mountains have some outstanding culinary offerings. Perched between the Marches and Umbria, a smorgasbord of cured meats is always on offer. Other tasty local fare includes apples, honey, truffles, mushrooms, chestnuts, chickpeas, and vin cotto or cooked wine.

How to Get There

Trains stop in Ascoli Piceno, Spoleto, and Camerino. Bus routes also serve these towns and reach Fermo as well.

When to Visit

Winters in the mountains are cold and snowy yet beautiful, especially to cross-country skiers and other winter sport enthusiasts. And the region’s thermal springs are especially welcome at this time. Spring brings the blooming of alpine flowers, and when truly warm weather hits the entire spectrum of outdoor activities is in full swing.

How to Visit

Monti Sibillini National Park is an adventure sport center. Mountain biking, horseback riding, hang gliding, paragliding, and climbing are all popular activities here. But other visitors happily stick to town streets and enjoy the artistic, cultural, culinary, and historic traditions that have arisen and endured here over the centuries.

Monti Sibillini National Park, Italy — National Geographic

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Tuscan Property Is Perennial Favourite

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If you’re looking for Italian property with considerable letting potential, location is everything and as Tuscany is one of the country’s most popular regions, it is well worth exploring. In fact, in 2011 Knight Frank reported its busiest year yet for real estate in the region and while prices continue to fall, there are plenty of bargains on offer.

Continued verve for Tuscany among holiday makers and investors also means that the market remains fairly stable. Properties in the €750,000 (£650,204) to €4 million (£3.4 million) price bracket remain the most popular, with a large proportion of buyers targeting the wider Chianti region and the southern Tuscan/Umbrian borders. Restored homes with secondary guest accommodation are also sought after, according to Knight Frank.

So why do investors and holiday makers find themselves drawn to Tuscany? Sonia Tardetti from The Property Organiser explained to A Place in the Sun that it is the essence of the region that pulls people in. “Even if you have never been there, it is one of those places that tugs at the heartstrings,” she said. As a hub of culture and the home to breathtaking landscapes, it is not hard to see why.

“Once you have been there, you will start looking for an ‘excuse’ to move to Italy. And whatever the scale of your Tuscan renovation dream, one thing is clear: there has rarely been a better time to make it come true,” Ms Tardetti explained.

This is partly thanks to the market’s determination to attract new investors and fractional ownership is just one alternative being explored as a means to increase activity. The Global Property Guide reported that more and more people are looking to move to Italy but the financial crisis is putting a halt on investment. With fractional ownership people can purchase a share in a residence, giving them access to the property for a set number of weeks per year and access to all amenities.

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Ancona - World of Dinosaurs - la più spettacolare mostra di dinosauri in Europa!

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I dinosauri e il loro successori conquistano l’Italia!

Dal 02 marzo al 7 aprile 2013, i dinosauri e i loro successori sono da ammirare, presso il Parco di Posatora “Eraclio Fiorani”, Strada della Grotta/Via Posatora 93 (versante Palombella) ad Ancona! Feeling preistorico per tutta la famiglia nella più spettacolore mostra di dinosauri in Europa.

Aperto ogni sabato e domenica e dal 28 marzo al 7 aprile, tutti i giorni dalle ore 09.30 alle ore 17.30.

Nell’ambito di questa mostra verranno presentati 50 modelli di dinosauri a grandezza naturale, rispondenti alle loro vere fattezze, ricostruite accuratamente in collaborazione con paleontologi.

Dall’arcinoto T-Rex, ai centrosauri, ai dimetrodonti, all’europasaurus (la “lucertola europea”, rinvenuta in Germania) e al diplodocus, con i suoi 30 metri di lunghezza, questa mostra raccoglie le ricostruzioni di ogni dinosauro che sia stato presente sulla Terra!

Insieme a questa esposizione è possibile visitarne una collaterale chiamata “I successori dei dinosauri” nella quale vengono presentate le riproduzioni di animali provenienti dall’Era Glaciale come i “bradipi”, la “tigre dai denti a sciabola” o il “mammut” ed altri esemplari poco conosciuti ma di grande fascino. Com’era fatto l’ antenato del maiale? E l’antenato del cavallo? Quest’ultimo era appena lungo mezzo metro…

Biglietto d’ingresso:

Carta Famiglia € 24,00 (Genitori + 2 bambini o anche nonni + 2 nipoti)

Adulti € 10,00

Bambini € 6,00 (dai 3 ai 13 anni)

Ridotto € 8,00 con esibizione di documento (studenti, forze dell’ordine, adulti di età superiore a 60 anni, pensionati, disabili autosufficienti, accompagnatori di persone diversamente abili non autosufficienti)

Scolaresche/asilo nido € 4,00

Gratuito: Persone diversamente abili non autosufficienti

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Een dagje (of twee) naar Venetië. | Veneto Reisinformatie - dolcevia.com

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Een kort verblijf in Venetië in Italië, bezoek San Marco, Merano, gondels en lunch aan het Canal Grande en een Bellini in Harry’s Bar….

Er zijn van die eerste keer momenten die altijd in je herinnering blijven leven. Zoals ik met mijn eerste mobieltje vanaf de markt in Rome naar huis belde om te vragen welke kaas ik moest meebrengen. Of toen budget airlines naar Venetië gingen vliegen en een vriendin besloot om daar eens te gaan lunchen. Decadent vonden we dat toen. Maar de tijden veranderen snel en een dagje Venetië is eigenlijk doodgewoon geworden.

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Vaticaan klaar voor inhuldiging paus - De Standaard

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In Rome wordt alles klaargemaakt voor de plechtige inhuldiging van Paus Franciscus, vandaag. Er komen niet alleen staats- en regeringsleiders en gekroonde hoofden, ze verwachten in Rome ook nog eens zowat een miljoen geloven.

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"Anne Frank" op Ischia | Nederlandse ambassade in Rome, Italië

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De door de ambassade gesponsorde, reizende tentoonstelling ‘Anne Frank, una storia attuale’, verhuist van Toscane naar Campanië, het eiland Ischia.

Na een succesvolle etappe in Grosseto zullen de 34 panelen met afbeeldingen en teksten uit het leven van de autrice van Het Achterhuis te zien zijn op het eiland Ischia. Op vrijdag 19 april om 18 uur wordt de expositie geopend in het Marina 10 Boutique&Design Hotel in Casamicciola Terme, in aanwezigheid van de plaatselijke autoriteiten en onderwijzend personeel. Gastspreker is dr. Nico Kamp, honorair consul generaal van Nederland in Florence en zelf slachtoffer van de Jodenvervolging in de Tweede Wereldoorlog. Het initiatief van de directie van het hotel heeft al instemmende reacties opgeroepen van de zes burgemeesters van het eiland en de president van de regio Campanië, Stefano Caldoro. De tentoonstelling loopt tot 30 mei.

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Fendi luxe Italiaanse modehuis en familiebedrijf

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Karl Lagerfield is sinds de jaren 1965 betrokken bij het Italiaanse modehuis Fendi. Hij ontwierp het beroemde Fendi logo met de dubbele F. Fendi is een echt Italiaans familiebedrijf. Fendi is beroemd geworden door de leren handtas de Baguette, ontworpen door Silvia Fendi, de kleindochter van Adele Casagrande. Inmiddels is Fendi uitgegroeid tot een multinationaal in luxe goederen en heeft dankzij de ontwerpen van Silvia Fendi al enkele ontwerp prijzen gewonnen.

GeschiedenisDe start van het Fendi modehuis begon in 1918. De Italiaanse Adele Casagrande begint in Rome een bont- en lederwarenboetiek. Haar familie zijn rijke leerproducenten uit Florence. Adele Casagrande is een klassieke dame, ging altijd gekleed in het marineblauw, was dol op kwaliteit en op goede manieren.Zij trouwt in 1925 met Edoardo Fendi. De boetiek van Adele Casagrande krijgt na de trouwerij een nieuwe naam: Fendi.

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Pastapakketjes met aardappel en truffel | Recepten | Ciao tutti - ontdekkingsblog door Italië

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Deze pastapakketjes met aardappel en truffel uit het nieuwe boek van Tessa Kiros zijn niet moeilijk te maken, maar zorgen voor een prachtig effect op tafel.

Als ik eenmaal truffel in huis heb, wil ik er het liefst gelijk mee aan de slag. Deze pastapakketjes met aardappel en truffel uit het nieuwe boek van Tessa Kiros (waar ik laatst al over schreef, maar dat vanwege wat vertraging nu pas in de boekhandel verkrijgbaar is) zijn niet moeilijk om te maken (al kost het wel wat tijd met die verse pasta), maar zorgen voor een prachtig verrassingseffect op tafel.

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Soorten tomaten uit Italië | Il Giornale, Italiekrant over Italiaanse zaken en smaken

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Op zoek naar de lekkerste tomaten uit Italie, raak je bij veel supermarkten in Nederland snel verdwaald. Het aanbod is breed, maar wat maakt nou het verschil?

Proeven is er in de winkel al helemaal niet bij, in tegenstelling tot Italië. Daarnaast geeft de benaming ‘pomodori tomaat’ boven de kist ook te denken. Het is een term die ook op menukaarten nog wel eens voorkomt, overigens. Foei! Dan maar vertrouwen op het advies van de attente specialist.

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