zondag 31 augustus 2014

Kustwachtvliegtuig naar Italië voor bewaking EU-grenzen

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SCHIPHOL Zaterdagochtend is een Nederlands kustwachtvliegtuig vanaf Schiphol naar Italië vertrokken om daar te assisteren bij de bewaking van de buitengrenzen van de Europese Unie in de Middellandse Zee.Nederland levert het toestel en de bemanning voor de Joint Operation EPN-Hermes 2014 op verzoek van Frontex, het Europees agentschap dat de buitengrenzen van de Europese Unie bewaakt.

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Balotelli en Pellè niet in selectie Italië voor duel met Oranje | Sport | NU.nl - Voor het laatste nieuws

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De Italiaanse bondscoach Antonio Conte heeft Mario Balotelli niet geselecteerd voor de oefeninterland tegen het Nederlands elftal.

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Health Cuisine. Let's Eat Apulian!

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Puglia is a region little known to Americans but one well worth discovering for the gourmet traveler. The cuisine is healthy, based on homemade pastas and cheeses, fresh…As the summer reaches its end, an Italian region that is not complaining about a bad season is Puglia. Thanks to the weather, beautiful beaches and unique food, Puglia can say that it is loved by Italians and foreigners alike. The organization called Spot (Sistema Puglia per l’Osservatorio Turistico), a local regional agency recording tourism affluence, reports that tourism has increased considerably.

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Che differenza c’è tra Parmigiano Reggiano e Grana Padano? | GASTROLABIO

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La differenza tra i due famosi formaggi spiegata ai profani in poche, chiare righe.Che differenza c’è tra il Grana Padano ed il Parmigiano – Reggiano? Sarò in grado di accorgermene quando me lo mettono in una formaggera per servirmene sui tortelli? Quale dei due è il prodotto di punta? Moltissimi se lo saranno chiesto, non tutti avranno avuto una adeguata risposta; questo perché sull’argomento, a causa di tante diverse ragioni – vuoi necessità di marketing, speculazioni, indirizzamenti fraudolenti, o anche la pura e semplice anarchia causata da molti non addetti ai lavori, si è creata un po’ di confusione.

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Toeren door Zuid-Italië

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Italië is een van de favoriete vakantiebestemmingen van Nederlanders. Velen trekken richting Rome, Venetië en Toscane, maar echte liefhebbers zoeken het zuidelijker.

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Fears Italian cinema industry is 'going into a steep decline' - Telegraph

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Many fear the country’s film industry is declining citing the fact that there are only three films out of 31 the country was involved in showing at the Venice film festivalAs Italy welcomes film-makers from around the world to the Venice film festival this week, the country’s cinema industry has been accused of going into a steep decline, and, even worse, losing ground to its historic rival, France.As stars like Michael Keaton and Emma Stone arrived at the glamorous annual festival, where water launches are required to reach the red carpet, a row was raging over whether Italy has lost its ability to sparkle on celluloid.

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