vrijdag 13 maart 2015

De #MuzieKroes in de #Jachthaven #Kaagdorp op het #Kaageiland....

Sollicitatie productmanager Italië met Italiaanse koffie

Fred Rappange verraste onlangs het personeel van reisorganisatie Vacansoleil door bij een sollicitatie van de baan productmanager voor Italië bij zijn sollicitatie met een koffiekar aan te komen rijden.

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Italian Sex Appeal: What it means and how to own it - mi.o

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A look at Italian Sex Appeal and how to obtain it for yourself.I was lucky enough to spend another summer in Southern Italy during the summer of 2003, and what else do you do during the day other than go to the beach? My father’s town Isca sullo Ionio in Calabria sits relatively low on the mountain in comparison to its neighboring towns (about 600 feet above sea level vs. 1,300 feet, such as the town of Davoli) and is about 2 miles northwest of the Ionian Sea (the part of the Mediterranean ocean under the arch of the boot).

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How Rome became a hive of cinematic activity after government's generous tax breaks

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With James Bond, Zoolander 2 and the new Ben Hur, Rome is reclaiming its sobriquet “Hollywood on the Tiber”Fifty years after it earned the sobriquet “Hollywood on the Tiber”, Rome is once again a hive of cinematic activity.The renaissance is thanks to generous tax breaks introduced by the government of Matteo Renzi, the youthful prime minister whose main task is to try to inject life into Italy’s moribund economy.While James Bond, in the guise of Daniel Craig, has been roaring around the city in a sleek silver Aston Martin DB10, Ben Stiller, the American actor and director, is in the capital to film Zoolander 2, a sequel to Zoolander (2001), the box office hit which parodied the ludicrous excesses of the fashion industry.

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Italian scientists 'recreate DNA' of fascist warrior-poet from semen stains

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Forensic team says it used handkerchief splashed with Gabriele D’Annunzio’s sperm to recreate eccentric, 19th-century, rightwing leader’s genetic blueprint.Forensic experts in Italy claim to have reconstructed the DNA of a national war hero and poet by analysing semen he left on a handkerchief, given to a lover 100 years ago.

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