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Ciauscolo: a worthy winter indulgence

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[…] Marche a region often overlooked by tourists and Italians alike– is in the middle of Italy, bound by the Adriatic sea and the Sibillini mountains. Apart from its photographic vantage points, it is more importantly, the home region of ciauscolo. More specifically, the sausage is produced in the provinces of Macerata, Fermo and Ascoli Piceno– which have subsequently held PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) status since 2009.

Made from cuts of pork shoulder and belly, lonza (pork sirloin), prosciutto, and some extra fat, ciauscolo is seasoned simply with black pepper, salt, garlic, and sometimes vincotto (a sweet cooked wine). The finely minced mix is then cased, and left to dry for one day. The sausages are then cold-smoked over juniper branches for another two days, and finally left to age for two weeks

With such a brief age time, the result is a softer, spreadable sausage that is habitually had over bread. A lightly seasoned and slightly smoked, almost-raw spread, its texture is more akin to a paté–thus making ciauscolo distinct from the well-known, dryer salumis synonymous with Italian fare. However, for those who aren’t so keen on gnawing raw, you can also get ciauscolo that has been seasoned for a few weeks longer, and find yourself the more familiar, dryer, sausage texture. Both are worthy additions to your charc’t board; but the former, more so.

I would suggest a wine, but, why not follow the juniper theme and bring out a decent gin? It’s 2013! Let’s get modern!

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Scossa di Terremoto tra Toscana ed Emilia | attualita

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Violenta scossa di terremoto di magnitudo circa 4,8 avvertita intorno alle ore 15,00 tra la Toscana e l’Emilia Romagna.

L’epicentro è a Carfagna a nord di Lucca, per ora sono in corso le verifiche per eventuali danni a persone ed a cose.

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Scossa di 4.8 in Garfagnana, avvertita al Nord. Paura e gente in strada - Cronaca - ANSA.it

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Scossa di 4.8 in Garfagnana, avvertita al Nord. Paura e gente in strada , La terra torna a tremare sull’Appennino: epicentro in Toscana, ma il terremoto viene avvertito in molte regioni del nord.

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Italiaanse salade (Capunata) - italiaanserecepten.net

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Een Italiaanse salade (Capunata), oorsponkelijk met Arabische invloeden, die enorm populair is als voorgerecht of bijgerecht onder de lokale Siciliaanse bevolking.

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Het noorden van Italië is getroffen door aardbeving met een kracht van 4,8 op de schaal van Richter.

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Het noorden van Italië is getroffen door aardbeving met een kracht van 4,8 op de schaal van Richter. Het epicentrum lag in de provincie Lucca. Volgens Italiaanse media werd de beving gevoeld tot in Milaan en Bologna.

De aardbeving was van korte duur. Er zijn vooralsnog geen aanwijzingen voor gewonden of schade aan gebouwen. Wel schrijven Italiaanse media dat onder meer in de stad Lucca veel mensen uit angst de straat op renden. In Milaan schokten hoge kantoorgebouwen.

Vorig jaar waren er twee zware aardbevingen in het noorden van Italië. Meer dan twintig mensen kwamen daarbij om het leven.

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Monti wil onderzoek noodlijdende Monte dei Paschi

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ROME - De beloofde staatssteun voor de noodlijdende Italiaanse bank Monte dei Paschi di Siena wordt mogelijk vertraagd door het verzijgen van honderden miljoenen aan mogelijke verliezen op derivaten. Premier Mario Monti wil dat de Italiaanse centrale bank een onderzoek instelt naar de handel wijze van de bank.

Premier Mario Monti wil dat de Italiaanse centrale bank een onderzoek instelt naar de handelswijze van de bank.

’s Werelds oudste bank gaf deze week aan mogelijk 700 miljoen euro te kunnen verliezen op derivatenconstructies die waren verzwegen voor de toezichthouder, de Banca d’Italia. Die gaf daarop aan te zijn misleid.

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Nieuwe Italiaanse muziek van Gianna Nannini, Vasco Rossi en Pino Daniele - italieplein.nl

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Drie bekende namen uit de Italiaanse muziek hebben de afgelopen dagen nieuwe muziek uitgebracht. Een overzicht.

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Berlusconi, malore alla kermesse del Pdl. Ma lui smentisce - Il Messaggero

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ROMA - Lieve malore per l’ex presidente del consiglio Silvio Berlusconi al Teatro Capranica, dove ha partecipato alla presentazione dei candidati del Pdl per le elezioni 2013. Il Cavaliere ha chiesto di sedersi un momento, dopo aver lasciato il palco, chiedendo un bicchiere d’acqua che gli ha portato Angelino Alfano. «No tutto bene», ha detto lo stesso Berlusconi ai cronisti che gli chiedevano come stesse prima di lasciare il Teatro.

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Studiolo of Federico da Montefeltro - "The finest Italian Renaissance room in America"

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Within the vast halls and imposing galleries of New York’s Metropolitan Museum, well-hidden from the casual visitor, resides the finest Italian Renaissance room in America. The studiolo from Gubbio (e.c. Umbria), in Le Marche region of Italy and the former southern capital of the Montefeltro lands, is a marvel of the Renaissance woodworker’s skill.

This studiolo, which tricks the eye with its seeming three-dimensionality of fictive cabinets, objects you could grab, and projecting benches, proved to be the final architectural triumph created for Federico da Montefeltro (1422–1482)

Richly decorated in intarsia work, it was a small bookroom and place of private contemplation, the setting for intimate discussions between the ruler and a privileged visitor. The construction of Federico’s first studiolo, still in situ in the Urbino palace, began in 1476. From this time, the architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini was in charge of all of Federico’s construction projects.

In dramatically expanding his father’s modest Gubbio residence, Federico had extended it toward the local cathedral while leaving a cathedral plaza between the buildings. This constrained the eastern wall in an eccentric angle, and the studiolo, installed within the odd angle of this wall, thereby acquired its disproportionate, rhomboid shape.

Like its kin, the Gubbio studiolo is a marvel of inlaid woodwork, a triumph of the intarsiatore, the artisan in inlay. Many types of wood are required—spindle-wood, bog oak, cherry, walnut, pear and mulberry—including wood stained by fungus, producing a polychrome palette; these permit the full development of patterns and colors that inform the illusionistic results of three-dimensional depth, shadows and perspective. Two elaborately coffered ceilings, in gold and polychrome, crown the main section and the window alcove. The blank walls above the intarsia wainscoting once held allegories of the liberal arts and portraits of the Famous Men whom Federico emulated.

Created in the Florentine workshop of the brothers Giuliano and Benedetto da Maiano, the studiolo was installed in Gubbio from 1480 until 1483. The final panels, installed after Federico’s death, reference Guidobaldo, but virtually all the panels reflect Federico’s life, interests and achievements. The intarsia panels “read” clockwise from the left of the doorway. The prime viewing site is in the center, facing the long wall, with one’s back to the window alcove; the Order of the Garter dominates the view. The viewer’s ideal height, 5-foot-6, incidentally tells us how tall Federico was.

Federico’s personal military, scientific and literary interests parade before us: fictive cabinets partially ajar display arms and armor, armorials, scientific devices, musical instruments and scores, documents and writing tools, caged songbirds and many, many books. Some items spill out of the cabinets or rest on equally fictive benches, while others recede into the shadows. The Latin inscriptional frieze extols the merits of approaching Learning with humility. Light comes from the principal window in the alcove and from two eyebrow windows high up in the same “eastern” wall. A patterned, tiled floor completes the ensemble. The setting mimics the shapes and orientation of the now-bare stone room in Gubbio.

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Il design Made in Italy di Guzzini celebrato in un nuovo libro

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Il design Made in Italy di Guzzini trova spazio in un libro, ideato per celebrare i cento anni del noto marchio di complementi di arredo e di accessori italiano. Nel 2013, infatti, la ditta Fratelli Guzzini ha spento le sue prime 100 candeline, festeggiando l’evento ricordando una storia gloriosa fatta di tante piccole innovazioni, di rispetto della tradizione e di passione che ha coinvolto diverse generazioni.

1912, Enrico Guzzini progetta e realizza la prima tabacchiera in corno di bue. 2012, un libro (e un francobollo) celebrano i 100 anni dell’azienda.

Guzzini ha realizzato oggetti di design che sono diventati un cult: in 100 anni di storia è diventato uno dei brand più amati e utilizzati non solo in Italia, ma anche oltre i confini del nostro paese. Tutto merito di uno sguardo sempre attento all’innovazione, alla cura dei materiali, all’originalità, ma senza mai lasciare la strada tracciata dai fondatori, in quel rispetto della tradizione e in quella coesione famigliare, ingredienti di una ricetta di successo tutta Made in Italy.

Un secolo di design passato dal corno al plexiglas, dalle tabacchiere al set da whisky. Un’evoluzione fatta di ricerca, innovazione e spirito visionario che ha portato la Guzzini di Recanati da fabbrica di posate e articoli sanitari a colosso italiano nella produzioni di articoli per la casa, la cucina e la tavola. Riuscendo a rendere bello anche uno scolapasta.

Una storia infinita come infinito è il design italiano firmato Guzzini: progettato per essere usato e celebrato, ora, da un libro.

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Italianen pleegden in 2012 voor 56 miljard euro fraude

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De Italianen hebben vorig jaar voor meer dan 56 miljard euro fiscale fraude gepleegd. Zo luidt het vandaag in een persbericht van de Italiaanse financiële politie (GDF). In de kader van het onderzoek naar belastingontduiking, werden bovendien ongeveer 12.000 personen aangegeven bij het gerecht.

De speurders van de financiële politie ontdekten vorig jaar 8.617 fraudeurs die volledig onbekend waren bij de belastingsdienst. Ze hadden namelijk nog nooit een inkomen aangegeven bij de fiscus. In totaal verduisterden de “onbekende fraudeurs” 22,7 miljard euro.

Daarnaast ontdekte de politie voor 17,1 miljard euro internationale belastingfraude, het resultaat van investeringen in fictieve vennootschappen in belastingparadijzen. De overige 16,3 miljard euro werden “op een andere manier” verduisterd, aldus GDF. De financiële politie heeft bovendien 11.769 vermoedelijke daders aangegeven bij het gerecht.

Strijd opgevoerd

De strijd tegen de fiscale fraude is in een stroomversnelling gekomen sinds de herfst van 2011, toen premier Mario Monti aan de macht kwam. “We gaan onze inspanningen voortzetten om het geld terug te vinden dat toebehoort aan de staat”, luidt het bij de politie.

Naast de belastingfraude ontdekten de speurders ook ongeveer 30.000 illegale werknemers, waaronder 16.233 zwartwerkers. Ten slotte namen ze voor meer dan een miljard euro goederen in beslag van de fraudeurs.

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