woensdag 28 januari 2015

Hoeveel kost levensonderhoud in Italië? - DitIsItalie.nl

Onderzoeksbureau Numbeo heeft de nieuwste wereldwijde cijfers over de kosten van levensonderhoud gepubliceerd. In de nieuwe index behoren de Italiaanse restaurants tot de duurste van Europa, terwijl boodschappen doen en woonruimte huren relatief goedkoop zijn. We werpen een korte blik op de kosten van levensonderhoud in Italië.

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Free Museums the First Sunday of Every Month - Discover Tuscany's Blog

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Welcome to 2015 and our first post of the year!! We start off reminding everyone of the possibility of enjoying free admittance at your favorite museums this year…In case you missed the news back in July 2014, every first Sunday of the month all State-run museums in Italy are free! For everyone!! All over Italy, not just Tuscany.It’s a great initiative to get more people (particularly locals who sometimes seem immune to the beauty they have been surrounded since birth ;-)) interested in culture and visiting museums, as well as archaeological sites and smaller, lesser-known museums. Unfortunately, it also means that the more popular museums, such as the Uffizi and Accademia in Florence, get even more crowded than usual. While the Polo Museale in Florence for the first few months allowed this date to be pre-booked online, back in November 2014 it decided it wasn’t really fair for those who didn’t (or couldn’t) pay the prebooking fees (even if entrance is free, prebooking had its costs). So it is no longer offering ANYONE the possibility of getting through the “advance” ticket entrance, making EVERYONE wait in line on this free days.

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Italian writer faces jail over call for sabotage of high-speed rail line

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Writer/activist Erri De Luca goes on trial in Turin over comments about project that has become flashpoint for environmentalists.One of Italy’s most acclaimed writers is facing up to five years in prison for “incitement” after he called for the sabotage of a controversial high-speed rail line between Italy and France that has become a flashpoint for environmentalists and opponents of globalisation.The trial against Erri De Luca, which begins on Wednesday in Turin, marks a high-profile development in the 20-year battle over the line, which has faced years of delay because of massive – and sometimes violent – protests.

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Corleone businessman breaks omertà over mafia extortion

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Entrepreneur’s decision to speak out after he was refused discount on ‘protection money’ has led to four arrests.An Italian businessman in Corleone, the Sicilian town that inspired the creation of fiction’s most famous godfather, has blown the whistle on alleged mafia extortionists, breaking decades of silence – or omertà – that protected the mob.The entrepreneur’s decision to speak out has led to four arrests, according to Italian media reports, including that of a mafia boss whose demands had long terrorised local businesses in Palermo.“Every month I was forced to pay protection money, almost €500,” the businessman told police, according to a report in La Repubblica. “In the end, I had to shut down one of my businesses when I couldn’t pay.”

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