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HolidayCars, voordelige autohuur in Italie tegen gunstige voorwaarden!

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Bent u op zoek naar voordelige autohuur tegen gunstige voorwaarden?

Bij holidaycars.com kunt u eenvoudig alle beschikbare autoverhuurders waar ook ter wereld met elkaar vergelijken, zodat u altijd een huurauto vindt die het beste aansluit bij uw wensen. Boek veilig en vertrouwd voor vertrek, zodat u later niet voor verrassingen komt te staan.

Profiteer van superscherpe all-inclusive tarieven, zodat u nooit te veel betaalt. Onze NoRisk Garantie biedt een volledige terugbetaling van uw eigen risico en verzekert u van zorgeloze autohuur. U kunt ook kiezen voor een annuleringsverzekering waarmee u uw reservering kunt annuleren tot aan het moment van ophalen, zonder hiervoor te betalen.

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Unique Italian Coffee Lamps. Order it right now for your...

Unique Italian Coffee Lamps. Order it right now for your restaurant, your retail shop or for your home! #retweet #koffieRT #like #share (bij Italian Entertainment And More - Italian Coffee Handbags)

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Eet smakelijk!

Eet smakelijk!

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Fijne Feestdagen en een Voorspoedig Nieuwjaar! (bij Italian...

Fijne Feestdagen en een Voorspoedig Nieuwjaar! (bij Italian Entertainment And More - Italian Coffee Handbags)

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Belisario "Le Salse" Verdicchio di Matelica 2011

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Crystal clear with almost no color, if anything maybe a tinge of yellow-green. Quite strong floral and ripe fruit aromas. Smooth (yet intense) green apple and mineral taste with a crisp finish. Very delicious sipping wine and the refreshing green apple flavors make it Very Easy Drinking. The acidity goes extremely well with the creamy smooth cheddar cheese. I grew up on a farm in Norton, New Jersey (about 100 miles West of New York City) and this wine really reminds me of Spring time smells on the farm…fresh fruit blossoms and aromas associated with clean, light green fields of hay after an April shower. Wow, it’s good wine!!! The Verdicchio grape makes a very Unique wine and I would buy it again in a flash….and it’s a bargain wine at $11.20. I love Pinot Grigio and this Verdicchio is right up there with the best of them.

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Lago di Garda, Italia » Beyoutiful World

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Het Gardameer in Italië is een bijzonder gebied. Ik weet nog dat we vroeger op de camping in Noord-Brabant stonden, met onze caravan direct aan een plas water. Mijn ouders riepen dan graag dat het op de camping drie weken leven was zoals aan het Gardameer. Het was altijd heerlijk op de camping, dus dan moest het aan het Gardameer wel even heerlijk zijn..

In de zomer van 2012 bracht ik het Gardameer écht een bezoekje. Vrienden van mij hadden een hotel geboekt en vroegen of ik ook mee wilde op vakantie. Ik wil al-tijd op vakantie, dus die keuze was snel gemaakt. Helaas was hun auto al vol. Met mijn toenmalige vriend besloot ik daarom naar Verona te vliegen en vanuit daar verder te reizen per trein en per boot. Een hele onderneming en het duurde uiteindelijk bijna een dag om van ons vertrekpunt naar de bestemming te komen, maar het was het helemaal waard.

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A beautiful style secret | the buried shoes of Silvano Lattanzi

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In 1837, the greatest Italian poet of the time Giacomo Leopardi died due to an asthma attack at the age of 38, in a small apartment in Napoli. Legend has it that when his grave was dug up, the only item that helped identify his body was a pair of ankle boots found inside the coffin. They were the same size and style as seen in the poets’ portraits. The buried boots survived, perfectly preserved after 63 years!

And so, inspired by this story, Silvano Lattanzi, a shoe maker known for his unconventional materials and concepts, decided to bury different pairs of shoes in a garden for a period of four years in order for them to achieve the same kind of preservation and the antique feel. And following this procedure of naturally ageing shoes below the earth, the buried shoes have come back to life!

The new process involves the footwear being placed on a carpet of straw for protection and covered with dried flowers and other perfumed herbage. The leather shoes result in tones and shades so unique and remarkable, it is impossible to reproduce.[…]

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Italian Stuffed Olives "all'Ascolana"

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True lovers of the dish know that when making these olives for guests, one should always calculate at least ten olives per person. Which means, yes, almost one hundred olives for eight people. But let’s start from the beginning, as the purists would. The olives used for Olive all’Ascolana should be the “Ascolana Tenera” variety, which are kept in pickled water with a touch of fennel seeds before being stuffed with beef, pork or white meat and then fried in extra-virgin olive oil. In 2005, the olives all’Ascolana from Piceno area were included in Europe’s Protected Designation of Origin scheme. Zè Migliori is the owner of a famed delicatessen in the center of Ascoli Piceno. “The exact recipe for our stuffing is a family secret – and each family has its own – but usually it includes three kinds of meat: chicken, veal and pork cooked with seasoning and sautéed in butter, Parmigiano and nutmeg. The meat should be ground in a meat grinder only after cooking.” […]

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Presepi Viventi nelle Marche

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In molte città delle Marche si celebrano le festività natalizie perpetuando l’antica tradizione del Presepe Vivente.

Semplici o spettacolari, minuziose scenografie oppure ricollocate storicamente, piccole e grandi comunità portano in scena la natività secondo i canoni della tradizione più che della realtà dei vangeli, aggiungendo all’evento religioso una mistica magia che incanta grandi e piccini.

Piuttosto che essere costituito da figure di legno o di plastica, un presepe vivente è realizzato con persone reali e animali. Queste presentazioni nelle Marche tendono ad attrarre visitatori delle comunità circostanti. Alcuni presepi dal vivo sono composti da persone in posa in posizioni statiche, altre con prevedono attori in movimento che conversano, lavorano oppure cantano.

Bivacchi di pastori, greggi, ricostruzioni di villaggi, antichi mestieri sono lo sfondo dei momenti sacri dell’Annunciazione, della strage degli innocenti, della Natività e dell’arrivo dei Re Magi.

Acquaviva Picena (AP) - 26 Dicembre 2013Caldarola (MC) c/o Loc. Pieve favera - 26 – 29 dicembre 2013Comunanza (AP) - 26 Dicembre 2013Frazione Taccoli, San Severino Marche (MC) - 6 gennaio 2013Grottammare (AP) - 26 dicembre e 6 gennaio 2014Gualdo di Macerata (MC) - Domenica 29 Dicembre 2013Morrovalle (MC) - 26 Dicembre 2013 e 5 Gennaio 2014Pesaro (PU - 2013, Domenica 22 Dicembre 16,45 in DuomoPiobbico - Castello Brancaleoni - Domenica 20 dicembre 2013 ore 16.30Porchia (AP) - Domenica 6 gennaio 2013, 17.00 - 19.30Potenza Picena (MC) - 26 – 29 dicembre 2013 e 6 Gennaio 2014Precicchie - Fabriano (AN) - 26 Dicembre 2013 e 1 e 6 Gennaio 2014

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I Cugini Di Lella (bij Italian Entertainment And More - Italian...

I Cugini Di Lella (bij Italian Entertainment And More - Italian Coffee Handbags)

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