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#Cinquantamila #Lire @thingsfromitaly @goitalycardnl #italy...

#Cinquantamila #Lire @thingsfromitaly @goitalycardnl #italy #italia #italiano #italie #europa #euro #Italian (bij Good Things From Italy)

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Time for #Limoncello @gustodilella #Italian #delight @limoncello...

Time for #Limoncello @gustodilella #Italian #delight @limoncello @limoncellofiorito #Sicilian #Siciliano @casadibella

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The Gorgonzola's origin - I Love Italian Food

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Gorgonzola is a very ancient cheese.Some say Gorgonzola was first produced in the town of Gorgonzola, near Milan, in the year 879 AD. Some other say that it was first produced in Pasturo nella Valsassina, a great cheese-making area for centuries, due to the presence of excellent natural caves where the average temperature is constantly between 6°C and 12°C. Therefore, this allows perfect making of Gorgonzola as well as several other cheeses.

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Heimwee naar de #Duitse #Schnitzel @gustodilella

Heimwee naar de #Duitse #Schnitzel @gustodilella

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For Sale: #Italian #Coffee #Lamp - #Caffe #Ottolina - #handmade...

For Sale: #Italian #Coffee #Lamp - #Caffe #Ottolina - #handmade - #recycled - #upcycled @thingsfromitaly http://bit.ly/fJe8zA (bij Good Things From Italy)

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Ikea: 50 milioni puntati su Palermo - Siciliafan

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Ovviamente non si tratta del gioco del lotto, quanto di una nuova opportunità per la bella città di Palermo.Al momento il gruppo Ikea è in trattativa con il Comune per un investimento da 50 milioni di euro e un indotto lavorativo che oscilla tra i 300 e i 400 posti di lavoro.

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Interview with Gualtiero Marchesi, the master - I Love Italian Food

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But if the great Italian cuisine today claims celebrities arriving directly on our screens, transforming this job into the cult profession that we know, we owe it to a great master, a pioneer of high Italian cuisine, such as Gualtiero Marchesi. Il Marchesino, his restaurant in Milan, every year delights guests that attend the première at the Teatro alla Scala: we went there to interview him.

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Na sluiting in Bergen op Zoom opent Philip Morris grote sigarettenfabriek in Bologna - wijItalië

Het Amerikaanse tabaksfabrikant Philip Morris start vandaag met de bouw van een €500 mln kosterende nieuwe fabriek nabij Bologna. Er moeten 600 mensen gaan werken in de fabriek. Premier Renzi zal vandaag de eerste steen leggen.

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Bouw groot Nederlands vakantiepark in Puglia blijkt illegaal

De Italiaanse justitie heeft de bouw van een grootschalig vakantiepark in Fasano, bij het Zuid-Italiaanse Brindisi, stilgelegd. Volgens justitie is het park dat wordt gebouwd door het Nederlandse vastgoedbedrijf Puglia Property Management BV uit Amsterdam illegaal. Het pak ligt in een gebied dat bestemd is voor landbouw en de vergunning voor de bouw 93 woningen is niet gegeven.

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Italian Food Forever » The Bacari of Venice {Venetian Wine Bars}

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A description of what you can find at a traditional Venetian wine bar, along with a list of some of my favorites.Living in Umbria six months a year, we are only a short drive from Venice, and in fact it takes us just about four and a half hours from our farmhouse to the parking garage in Venice. Once we realized this, we have been taking short trips to Venice each year to enjoy the architecture, the ambience, and most of all the food. Living in landlocked Umbria, we truly appreciate fresh seafood, and Venice has some of the best we have ever tasted. One unique dining feature in Venice that we love are the wine bars, or bacari, where you can get a glass of wine and some finger foods, called cicchetti, which are often seafood based. On every trip, our lunch in Venice includes walking to two or three bacari and enjoying a glass of local wine and a number of cicchetti.

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