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Italy in August

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What to expect when you visit Italy in August including festivals, the Ferragosto holiday, weather, and beaches.August can be a bad month to visit Italy or a great time to go, depending on how you look at it and what you want to do. During August, many Italians take vacation, especially starting August 15, so cities empty out and many shops and restaurants are closed, chiuso per ferie. On the other hand, tourist sites are still open and in cities like Rome you can sometimes find good hotel deals from hotels that consider August to be low season. For tourism, summer is high season and most top tourist spots are crowded.

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RAVIOLI • Gastropedia

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Vierkante deegkussentjes, vaak geserveerd met een (rijke) tomatensaus. De vulling kan bestaan uit vlees, vis, kaas, gevogelte of groenten. Ravioli komt van het woord Rabioli, wat restant betekend. Vroeger werden deze pastakussentjes voornamelijk gevuld met restjes van andere maaltijden. Ravioli gevuld met porcini en saus van boter en salie.

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