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Italiaanse Koffielampen in verschillende uitvoeringen. ...

Italiaanse Koffielampen in verschillende uitvoeringen. @koffielampen (bij Di Lella Productions)

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Pope Francis’s birthday celebrated with mass tango at St Peter’s Square

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Thousands of people gathered at St Peter’s Square to sing Happy Birthday and dance a mass tango to celebrate the 78th birthday of the pope.Argentinian Pope Francis was born in the birthplace of the tango on 17 December 1936. On Wednesday, he heard versions of Happy Birthday in Spanish, Italian and other languages as he was driven through St Peter’s Square in the Vatican City to start his weekly general audience.Argentine priests handed him a cake and he blew out the candles before his open-top jeep moved on. The vehicle stopped again so that the pope, visibly pleased, could accept a birthday drawing from an Italian boy.

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Ufficialmente morta Ylenia, figlia di Al Bano e Romina Power

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La ragazza era scomparsa nel 1994. Ora il tribunale di Brindisi ha dichiarato la sua morte presunta.Ylenia Maria Sole Carrisi è stata dichiarata ufficialmente morta.Lo ha deciso il tribunale di Brindisi emettendo lo scorso primo dicembre una sentenza di morte presunta per la figlia di Al Bano e Romina Power, scomparsa inspiegabilmente il 31 dicembre del 1994 a New Orleans, negli Usa.”È un atto dovuto, ce lo chiede lo Stato per una serie di ragioni e noi lo abbiamo fatto”, ha detto all’Ansa Al Bano Carrisi, che nel novembre del 2012 aveva presentato ricorso al tribunale proprio per chiedere la dichiarazione di morte, atto necessario per la ridefinizione dei diritti giuridici dei familiari di chi è scomparso e per almeno dieci anni non ha dato notizia di sè, diritti che vengono ripristinati in caso di ritrovamento in vita della persona.

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Cultureel Instituut van Italië in Nederland

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Scampia is een beruchte buitenwijk van Napels. Een wijk gedomineerd door armoede, verval, drugs en camorra (Napolitaanse mafia). Centraal in deze wijk staan de zgn. ‘Vele’. Gebouwen ooit ontworpen als sociale woningbouw maar nu boegbeeld van de verloedering in de buurt.In de documentaire vertellen 8 inwoners elk hun eigen verhaal over op welke manier zij proberen hun wijk een klein beetje mooier te maken..De film zal worden gevolgd door een Engelstalige panel- en publieksdiscussie over de onderwerpen die uit de film naar voren komen vanuit een zowel sociologisch als architectonisch standpunt bekeken.De discussie zal worden bijgewoond door de regisseur Francesco Cavaliere, de producer Wanda Glebbeek, Tim Verlaan, onderzoeker bij de organisatie http://bit.ly/1wFboT8 en Federico Savini, socioloog en stedenbouwkundige aan de UvA. Het geheel zal in banen worden geleid door de Italiaanse journalist Massimiliano Sfregola.

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Italian Entertainment And More - http://bit.ly/dU8LWY - YouTube

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Italian Entertainment is in eerste instantie ontstaan uit een grote Passie voor Italië. Mede door onze Italiaanse achtergrond was deze invulling een duidelij…

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Lamborghini Veneno Roadster - €3.3m Hypercar On The Road - YouTube

A follower has kindly provided us his footage of a pretty insane Lamborghini Veneno Roadster hitting the streets of Milan. The Veneno was brought to a local dealership for a party organized by Lamborghini.. not a bad guest star, uh?!

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Andrea Bocelli 2015 Calendar - Official Website

Buy the 2015 calendar on the singer official website.


12 beautiful images to remember the most intense and emotional moments in Andrea Bocelli’s life this year.

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James Bond does battle with Italian red tape - Telegraph

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James Bond defeats Italian bureaucrats, who had proposed legislation that every gun used on a film set must be tested to only fire blanksHe has battled evil masterminds and vanquished crime lords, but James Bond was very nearly defeated by an even more chilling adversary – Italian red tape.Much of the new Bond film, “Spectre”, is due to be shot in Rome, with five weeks of filming due to start in February.

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Italy bid for 2024 Olympics greeted with derision - Telegraph

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An Italian bid to host the 2024 Olympics, amid looming bankruptcy and mafia corruption, would be “like painting a Fiat 500 red and calling it a Ferrari”Italy’s ambition to host the 2024 Olympics, in the middle of its worst recession since the Second World War, has been greeted with derision.Announcing the move on Monday, Matteo Renzi, the prime minister, said he hoped the bid would help kick-start investment and cheer up a country overcome by the gloom of rising unemployment and a shrinking economy.

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