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Foto's: De Ferrari-werkplaats, toen en nu - Autoblog.nl

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Ferrari blijft ook voor mij een toonbeeld van italiaanse passie. Dat die Enzo nou zo’n zak was, daar kunnen die arme auto’s natuurlijk niks aan doen. Auto’s die overigens grotendeels door mannen met passie gebouwd en …

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Kom genieten van de #Italiaanse #zanger #Davide #La #Cara...

Kom genieten van de #Italiaanse #zanger #Davide #La #Cara tijdens het #Smaak en #Stijl #Italie #Evenement 2013 (bij Italian Entertainment And More - Italian Coffee Handbags)

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#Traditionele #Italiaanse #Volksmuziek van #Trio #Siciliano is...

#Traditionele #Italiaanse #Volksmuziek van #Trio #Siciliano is zeer geschikt voor #Italiaanse #Feesten en #Partijen (bij Italian Entertainment And More - Italian Coffee Handbags)

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Bartolomeo Eustachi: the prince of the anatomy

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Bartolomeo Eustachi (1500 or 1514 – 27 August 1574), also known by his Latin name of Eustachius, was one of the founders of the science of human anatomy.

He came from San Severino, near Macerata, Italy, and was a contemporary of Vesalius, with whom he shares the reputation of having created the science of human anatomy.

He is known as a supporter of Galen and extended the knowledge of the internal ear by rediscovering and describing correctly the tube that bears his name. He is the first who described the internal and anterior muscles of the malleus and the stapedius, and the complicated figure of the cochlea. He is the first who studied accurately the anatomy of the teeth, and the phenomena of the first and second dentition. Eustachius also discovered the adrenal glands (reported in 1563). His greatest work, which he was unable to publish, is his “Tabulae Anatomicae” Anatomical Engravings. Completed in 1552, nine years after Vesalius was published, the author feared ex-communication by the Catholic Church.

The fact that his book became a bestseller more than a century after his death shows the extent of the religious restrictions on anatomists all through the Renaissance.

Eustachius did not confine his researches to the study of relative anatomy. He investigated the intimate structure of organs with assiduity and success. What was too minute for unassisted vision he inspected by means of glasses (early microscopes). Structure that could not be understood in the recent state he unfolded by maceration in different fluids, or rendered more distinct by injection and exsiccation. The facts illustrated by these figures are so important that it has been said that, if the author had been fortunate enough to publish them, anatomy would have attained the perfection of the 18th century at least two centuries earlier. Their seclusion for that period in the papal library has given celebrity to many names that would have been known only in the verification of the discoveries of Eustachius.

(text: wikipedia)

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Chinese Billionaire Orders Italian Goods Worth €100 Million

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Chinese entrepreneur Zong Qinghou has boosted made in Italy exports by ordering €100 million worth of Italian oil, wine, shoes, clothes and furniture.

Newspaper ‘Il Sole 24 Ore’ reports that Zong, the richest man in China, made a visit to Italy to look for products to sell in his Waow Plaza shopping mall in China. Zong selected the products himself, knocking on suppliers’ doors, trying them out and, if they proved to his taste, put in orders.

‘Il Sole 24 Ore’ reports that some suppliers did not know who the ordinary-looking middle-aged Chinese man was until they typed his name into the internet and discovered he is the 86th richest man in the world. In March 2013, ‘Forbes’ estimated his net worth as US$11.6 billion.

The 67-year-old Zong is famous for his hard work and thrift. He is said to live on US$20 a day, telling the BBC last year: “My only exercise is doing market research… my only hobbies are smoking and drinking tea.”

Zong is the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of China’s leading beverage company, the Hangzhou Wahaha Group. He opened the Waow Plaza boutique shopping mall in Hangzhou in China’s Zhejiang Province in November 2012. The mall sells European furniture, clocks, watches, jewellery, ornaments, clothing, food and products for children that middle-class domestic consumers can afford.

There are plans to open 100 Waow Plazas in China within five years. If they are successful that could be good news for the made in Italy brand.

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Vacation Rental Marketing Tips

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Vacation rentals represent a burgeoning opportunity for real estate investors looking not only to capitalize on one of the fastest growing travel segments in the world, but also to enjoy their real estate investment quite literally

But unlike more orthodox segments, the well being of a vacation rental investment surprisingly depends on a keen marketing sense.

It can be helpful to know different marketing avenues that most directly impact occupancy rates:

Listing Sites - There are thousands directories operating inside the vacation rental cyberspace. Annual memberships to these sites can range from few dollars to several thousand per year, the secret is select few good partners able to generate a good amount of bookings.Personal Websites - Personal websites (easily done on the cheap) help convey an owner’s personality and insight in what’s proving to be a very identity-driven industry.Blogging - Perhaps the vacation rental owner’s best marketing weapon is their insider knowledge, which acts to draw travelers away from generic hotel stays and into a more local and authentic experience. Successful vacation rental proprietors tend to be those who share their knowledge about their neighborhood in constructive and generous waysWord Of Mouth - Successful vacation rental owners leverage personal connections in their local environments by connecting with other proprietors (tour operators, restaurant hosts, tourism officials).

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Pasta bij McDonalds - Vanaf vandaag kunt u dan ook in de Italiaanse hamburgerrestaurants ook pasta eten.

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Puristen beschrijven de deal als de ontmoeting van wijwater met de duivel, maar zelf zijn ze er trots op. Fastfoodgigant McDonalds heeft een akkoord gesloten met Barilla, een familiebedrijf dat al vier generaties lang pasta maakt. Vanaf vandaag kunt u dan ook in de Italiaanse hamburgerrestaurants ook pasta eten. ‘Pennette’ heet het: tonijn, tomaatjes, kappertjes, olijven, oregano en pasta. McDonalds wil met dit initiatief zijn aanbod italianiseren.

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Jean-François Gillet moet het uitleggen bij rechter in het kader van een omkopingszaak in Italië

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27 personen, onder wie keeper en Rode Duivel Jean-François Gillet, moeten voor de rechtbank verschijnen in het kader van een omkopingszaak in Italië.

Volgens het parket hebben spelers van van Bari - toen de club van Gillet - vier matchen verkocht: twee in de Serie A en twee in de Serie B. Ze zouden daarvoor 360.000 euro hebben gekregen.

Gillet en een rist ex-ploegmaats van Bari worden beschuldigd van “medewerking aan sportieve fraude”.

Het parket baseert zich vooral op verklaringen van ex-Bari-spelers Masiello en Micolucci.

Gillet - nu bij Torino in de Serie A - wordt op 2 oktober in de rechtbank verwacht.

Gillet is momenteel met de Rode Duivels op stage in de VS.

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Risotto met pompoen en amaretti | Recepten | Ciao tutti - ontdekkingsblog door Italië

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Met de ‘Rolls Royce’ onder de risotto, de Acquerello Carnaroli uit de FoodWeLoveBox, maken we risotto met amaretti en pompoen, naar recept van Untoccodizenzero.

Dinsdag verruilden we de blauwe Toscaanse lucht voor de grijze Nederlandse hemel. Die lucht is altijd een goede graadmeter voor de heimwee: strakblauw met zon doet iets minder terugverlangen naar Italië dan een met regenwolken beschilderde hemel. Gelukkig werd onze thuiskomst dit keer ietwat verzacht door de postbode die woensdag aanbelde en ons de bestelde FoodWeLoveBox overhandigde, vol met Italiaanse lekkernijen waar ons hart sneller van ging kloppen.

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Ook Massimo Bizzo zal dit jaar aanwezig zijn op het Smaak en...

Ook Massimo Bizzo zal dit jaar aanwezig zijn op het Smaak en Stijl Italie Evenement! Hij is te boeken via www.italianentertainment.nl (bij Italian Entertainment And More - Italian Coffee Handbags)

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10x Ferrari 458 Italia, welke vind jij het mooist?! - Autojunk.nl

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De 458 Italia is toch wel één van de populairste Ferrari’s ooit. Ik hou al een paar jaar een telling bij en met 78 verschillende Italia’s (exclusief de Spider) is dit veruit de populairste Ferrari.Ik zal de komende tijd wat top 10 lijstjes uploaden uit m’n collectie. Verschillende kleurtjes/opties etc. Kies maar..

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