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Italian Entertainment in de Scheveningse haven met op de...

Italian Entertainment in de Scheveningse haven met op de achtergrond Italiaans Restaurant Di Sopra. (bij Di Sopra)

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Salvatore Cuomo: Grilled Pizza Margherita

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Learn how to make Grilled Pizza Margherita with one of the most famous chefs in the world. Prepare a Basic Pizza Dough ( Recipe Here ). Punch the Dough down and mix it with the Honey. Prepare your Pizza Sauce ( Recipe Here ). Cut the Mozzarella into rounds and if it is too wet, just let it drip through a colander for few minutes. Light your grill. Once hot, turn one side down to medium-high and keep the other on high, trying to reproduce the differences in temperature inside an Italian Pizza Oven. On a very lightly floured surface, roll out your Dough into an oval about 30cm / 11.8in wide. Cook the Pizza Dough in the grill, untill it starts browning. Check whether it’s cooked with a fork or a knife. Top the Pizza with a thin layer of Pizza Sauce and cook for 1 minute. Turn down the temperature of the oven. Add the Mozzarella, Parmesan Cheese, Basil, Salt and Olive Oil. Continue to cook until the Cheese has melted.

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10 most underrated Cities in Central Italy

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Everyone knows Rome and Venice, but there is more to Italy you should know about: although these might not be the first destinations to visit if it’s your first time in Italy, do make a list for when you’ll come back and travel to these beautiful cities.[…]

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Caffe per Tutti. #illy @caffedilella #coffeelamps #koffielampen...

Caffe per Tutti. #illy @caffedilella #coffeelamps #koffielampen #italian #duurzaam #tastbaar #hergebruik #recyclen #upcyclen (bij Italian Entertainment And More)

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Buongiorno Amici, Buongiorno Go Italy Card, Espresso?...

Buongiorno Amici, Buongiorno Go Italy Card, Espresso? @goitalycard @goitalycardnl #caffe #italiano #lagodigarda #italianentertainment (bij Good Things From Italy)

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Rome seeks £25 million to save Emperor Nero's lavish palace - Telegraph

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£25 million appeal to save Emperor Nero’s lavish palace, which sits on a hill opposite the Colosseum, from collapseCovered in gold leaf, it was once a magnificent symbol of the wealth of ancient Rome, but two thousand years on, cash-strapped Italy has launched an appeal for £25 million to preserve a vast palace built by the Emperor Nero.The Domus Aurea, loosely translated as the Golden House, is a sprawling complex of interconnecting dining halls, frescoed reception rooms and vaulted hallways perched on a hill opposite the Colosseum.In the centuries since it was constructed by the tyrannical and vainglorious Nero, who was famously said to have played his lyre while Rome was engulfed in flames, it was built on by successive emperors so that it is now virtually underground.

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George Clooney's villa protected by 'no-go zone' after paparazzi nuisance - Telegraph

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Off-limits zone decreed around George Clooney’s villa on the shores of Lake Como as the actor and his British fiancee reportedly prepare for an autumn weddingA no-go zone has been declared around George Clooney’s lakeside villa in Italy to protect the Hollywood star and his British fiancée from prying eyes and the unwanted snooping of paparazzi photographers.As the actor reportedly makes plans to marry Amal Alamuddin, a London barrister and human rights lawyer, at his villa on the shores of Lake Como, the local mayor announced the off-limits area in anticipation of the huge interest that the impending nuptials are likely to attract.Boats are now prohibited from approaching closer than 100 metres from the lakeside home, Villa Oleandra, and there is a ban on anyone loitering in Via Regina, the street that backs onto the multi-million pound property.

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