woensdag 17 mei 2017

12 Reasons to Move to Italy Now

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Need a push to get going? Here are 12 Reasons to Move to Italy now and start living your life the dolce vita way.

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Spaghetti Aglio e Olio Recipe by Food Wishes - All things Italian and more!

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Learn how to make Garlic Spaghetti (Spaghetti Aglio e Olio)! Visit http://bit.ly/2pLrxuM/ for more info and over 500 more original video recipes! I hope you enjoy this Spaghetti Aglio e Olio Recipe! Spaghetti Aglio e Olio is a classic of the Neapolitan cuisine. In Napoli is well known as the typical Neapolitan midnight snack. When you are with friends, visiting, or just getting together with relatives, etc. there will be someone who towards the end of the night will suggest that he/she feels a bit peckish and someone else will suggest cooking some “spaghetti aglio e olio”, it’s a fact.

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#GoogleGrandTour The Grand Tour of Italy

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Start your journey. Join us at http://bit.ly/2qRvDSa Travelling through the past and present to define our future. Italian culture along with art.

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Italy is giving away castles for free

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Struggling to see how you’ll ever get on the property ladder? The Italian government could have the perfect solution for you. It’s giving away a total of 103 historic sites, including castles, monasteries and towers all across Italy – for free. Properties include Castello di Blera in Lazio, an 11th century castle not far from Rome, and Castello di Montefiore, a 13th century castle in the Marche region of eastern Italy.

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Italiaans druivenseizoen klaar voor de start

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Afgelopen weekend heeft Luciën de Wit van LuBa Fresh een bezoek gebracht aan zijn druivenproducenten in Sicilië waar binnenkort de eerste druiven geoogst worden. De blauwe druif Black Magic en de witte Victoria (beide met pit) worden in het begin verpakt in 5kg Carton en vervolgens in de traditionele 7kg houten verpakking. “De eerste druiven zullen goed opgepakt worden door de markt aangezien de markt voor blauwe en witte druiven met pit nagenoeg leeg is.”

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