woensdag 2 november 2016

ONGELOFELIJK - Sprakeloos - Pescara del Tronto #terremoto...

ONGELOFELIJK - Sprakeloos - Pescara del Tronto #terremoto #italia #tragedie #verschrikkelijk #pescaradeltronto (bij Pescara del Tronto 24/8/2016 - ONLUS)

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Cucinelli Will Restore the Benedictine Monastery in Norcia Following the Earthquake in Italy

Some of the most famous entrepreneurs of the fashion industry have a big heart, furthermore, they have a sense of belonging and commitment to action, especially when there is a need. Such is the case for the king of cashmere and Perugia native, Brunello Cucinelli.

This is a unique story that brings together America and Italy, fashion and church, and the earthquake and its reconstruction. Folson Cassian is an American Prior, and the spiritual father to Brunello Cucinelli, who came to Norcia’s San Benedetto basilica in 2000 with the idea of rebuilding the monastery. During the latest earthquake that struck central Italy and shocked the entire country, the basilica in Norcia collapsed.

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