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"Crab" | Official FIAT 500L commercial

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The new FIAT® 500L helps bring more interior space, more doors, more passengers, more fun and more life. Featuring expansive views with minimal obstructions of the outside world, and clever technology like the Uconnect System for the inside, the FIAT 500L is sophisticated, fun and defined by exceptional contemporary Italian design.

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Buon Appetito - Chef Concetta Di Lella Chiaramonte (bij Italian...

Buon Appetito - Chef Concetta Di Lella Chiaramonte (bij Italian Entertainment And More - Italian Coffee Handbags)

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A romantic, historic apartment and a slice of Italian city life are irresistible to foreign buyers | Tuscan Properties

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There is a definite movement from the countryside to cities for buyers in Italy, attracted by smaller, easily manageable property.

Foreigners may dream of owning a Tuscan rural idyll but in recent years, once push has come to shove, many have chosen a city location instead — opting for a lifestyle heavy on culture, architecture and art.

So, for example, would you buy an apartment with such stunning view?

This is a renovated apartment in the heart of the historical Sarteano (Si), in an eighteenth century building, with an area of 150 square meters c.ca. and a loft of about 40 square meters.

Overlooking the main square, the apartment is spread over three floors of a building - part of the ‘400 and the ‘700 - with beautiful views of the town’s main square and the surrounding hills, with views of Mount Cetona. Internally the apartment offers: on the 1st floor is the entrance to the house from which, through an internal staircase floors, you can reach the second level where there is a multipurpose room currently used as a study and a bathroom . Also through an internal staircase once again in handmade terracotta, we reach the third floor of the building where there is a large living room with fireplace and a fully functional gallery which has been made a pleasant accommodation for the master bedroom. From the living room, up a few steps, there is a spacious landing currently used as a wardrobe-dressing room, a bathroom, a living room and a dining room with fireplace and kitchenette. All rooms are very spacious and bright at all hours of the day, with characteristics typical of the old buildings still visible (arches, exposed beams, large windows). The apartment is located close to public car parks free of charge, with views of the town’s main square and the Teatro Comunale, all amenities are within walking distance but at the same time you can appreciate the extraordinary isolation from the noise inherent in any city center. Part of furniture and appliances have been tailor-made for the restoration took place recently (about 3 years ago), so they are included in the sale. The apartment has a loft of about 40 square meters used as a laundry room where they were placed the dryer, washing machine and boiler.

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Marche Brut Blink Rosé Sparkling Wine by Colli di Serrapetrona

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This Charmat rosé from the Marche region (central Italy) is surely in pole position for the award of most extravagant sparkling wine of my summer. A wine that’s strange in every way: the grapes used are the Vernaccia Nera di Serrapetrona and the color, scent and flavor are strange too. Yet, once tasted, it proved intriguing both for myself and for those who had the pleasure of enjoying it with me.

I’m not a fan of Charmat sparkling wines, I much prefer classic method ones. I was encouraged to try this by the surprising pleasantness of a still rosé wine produced with the same grapes by the same winery, Tenuta Colli di Serrapetrona, the Marche Rosato Serrarosa 2011, about which I wrote on Il Cucchiaio d’argento.

I’m intrigued by the versatility of the mysterious Vernaccia Nera grape, from which comes the only red Italian sparkling wine, which undergoes three successive fermentations. It’s been grown locally since ancient Roman times and was celebrated in 1893 in the Vine-growing and Enology Annual as the best red berry grape of the Marche region. […]

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Truffle Season in Le Marche | On the Truffle Trail in Le Marche

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Acqualagna, Italy - Two dozen miles southwest of the Adriatic coastal city of Pesaro, the placid plain morphs into picturesque hills near Acqualagna with 5,000-foot-high Monte Nerone and other peaks in the distance. The terrain gets rugged quickly.

Our bus struggled up a winding dirt road to deliver us to truffle hunter Giorgio Remedia’s azienda. Although we’d been advised to have proper footware, the sight of Remedia’s knee-high rubber waders gave some of us pause. He had a no-nonsense demeanor that could perhaps be attributed to his other job as chief-of-police in Acqualagna.

Remedia explained that this area is rich in truffles. He said that they’re a symbiotic fungus that grow on the roots of oak and poplar trees. The Acqualagna area yields different varieties of tartufo bianco (white truffle) and tartufo nero (black truffle) almost year round.

This community is seriously all about truffles. It’s said that one-fourth of the residents are qualified truffle hunters and 70 percent of Italy’s truffle dogs are trained here. The white truffle is celebrated each autumn with the Fiera Nazionale del Tartufo Bianco. This year’s event begins at the end of October.

To find the elusive funghi, Remedia trains dogs from the time they’re puppies. He told us that no particular breed is optimal. He looks for animals that display a good sense of smell and a talent for scanning an area with a swiping motion. To train a puppy, he places bits of truffle in a perforated plastic film canister. He lets the puppy mouth the canister to familiarize it to the aroma. Nest step is to spade some holes in the woods in which to bury truffles for the dog to find. Soon, the dog learns to want the truffle enough to hunt for them. Dogs may be active for as long as 15 years and prized animals can be worth as much as 5,000€.

Remedia brought out five-year-old Chicca and it was time to hit the woods. We slogged through some fresh mud (it hadn’t rained for weeks until the day we arrived) trying to keep pace with the wiry gray hound. In no time, she dug up a black truffle which Remedia snatched with one hand as he fed Chicca a different reward with the other hand. Otherwise, she would have gulped the fungus (world’s priciest doggie treat!). And so they continued for about half an hour, finding some white truffles as well as black. […]

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Corsica-Info: lle de Beauté

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Corsica Corsica is een Frans eiland ten noorden van het Italiaanse eiland Sardinië. Het is een bijzonder aantrekkelijk eiland en velen hebben hun hart er aan verpand.

Dit is Corsica-Info.nl, de website over Corsica met tips, ideeën, foto’s uit onze eigen ruime ervaringen. Veel informatie over kamperen en andere accommodaties, maar ook over veerdiensten, vliegen, auto’s huren en boeken&reisgidsen.

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Videomessaggio Silvio Berlusconi, Fiorello imita il Cav: "Cari italiani ma soprattutto care italiane"

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Fiorello ci scherza su e sul suo sito lancia una versione tutta da ridere dell’atteso videomessaggio di Silvio Berlusconi. Confessa di essere così arrabbiato da voler cambiare il nome di Allegri e si domanda se è possibile risarcire De Benedetti pagando con il bancomat o con i ticket del ristorante (da Repubblica.it)

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Nieuwe keramische pannen van Ballarini. Koken met passie begint bij Ballarini pannen.nl

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Rivarolo keramiek

Vetarm en energiezuinig bakken met deze keramische pannen van Ballarini. De pan is gemaakt van 4.5mm dik aluminium waardoor de warmte goed verspreid wordt over het bakoppervlak van de koekenpan. De binnenkant van de pan heeft een robuuste witte keramische anti-aanbaklaag. Deze keramische laag is vrij van PFOA en zware metalen en kan gemakkelijk hogere temperaturen aan voor een nog beter en smakelijker resultaat. De koekenpan is geschikt voor alle warmtebronnen, inclusief inductie. Bovendien is de pan vaatwasmachinebestendig en krasvast door de stevige keramische laag.

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Nieuwe juridische nederlaag voor Berlusconi

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Het Italiaanse Hof van Cassatie in Rome heeft het vonnis van een Milanese rechtbank tegen het familiebedrijf Fininvest van Silvio Berlusconi omstandig bevestigd. Fininvest is daardoor verplicht ongeveer 541 miljoen euro aan concurrent CIR te betalen. Dat is slechts 23 miljoen euro minder dan wat bepaald werd in het vonnis, dat door de onderneming was aangevochten.

Volgens de rechters had Fininvest 1991 in de overnamestrijd rond de uitgeverij Mondadori een rechter omgekocht en daardoor mededingingsvoordeel tegenover CIR verkregen. Na zijn veroordeling in eerste aanleg in het Ruby-proces om vermoedelijke seks met minerjarige prostituees en een vonnis in laatste instantie van vier jaar gevangenis wegens belastingontduiking lijdt de voormalige Italiaanse premier daarmee zijn derde grote juridische nederlaag van dit jaar.

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Beste Franse en Italiaanse (Vino e Cucina uit Den Haag) restaurant - De RestaurantKrant

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Voor de derde keer zijn de awards voor het Fijnste Franse Restaurant van Nederland en het Italië Magazine Restaurant van het jaar uitgereikt. De Franse winnaar was Christophe’ in Amsterdam. Restaurant Vino e Cucina uit Den Haag ging er met de Italiaanse award vandoor. Dit jaar werd voor het eerst door Italië Magazine ook een publieksprijs uitgereikt; deze ging naar Ristorante Italiano Da Pietro uit Elburg.

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TIME for a new WATCH! - #WEWOOD time pieces - #Italian #Design...

TIME for a new WATCH! - #WEWOOD time pieces - #Italian #Design - One Watch, One Tree, One Planet! (bij Italian Entertainment And More - Italian Coffee Handbags)

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Summer Le Marche Memories | Lago di Fiastra, Italy

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Adore this wonderful and peaceful place that is not so far from my home. It is amazing during the summer. I tool this pictures before in the beggining of August, just before I went on my holiday road trip in Europe. I am curious how its looks in summer, hope to find time to come back at Lago di Fiastra on October when I will leave Italy again :)

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