zondag 27 januari 2013

Sausage making in Italy the old fashioned way - mylittleitaliankitchen.com

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During the post war days, Italy, like the rest of Europe was left quite poor. Most people would eat meat rarely and usually it was Sunday the day where there would have been a more consistent meal. Most families would keep animals, like chickens, cows, rabbits and pigs in order to feed themselves.

So you can imagine when the family would slaughter the pig; it was a day when there would have been plenty of food and all the family, relatives and friends would gather for a real feast. My dad always tells me that when the teacher at school would ask: “what’s the best day of the year?” the children without hesitation would reply: “It’s when we slaughter the pig, Mrs!”. This makes me smile and thinking of how much society has changed over the years and how much we now take food for granted.

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