maandag 6 april 2015

It Costs $600 to Say Hello to George and Amal Clooney in Lake Como

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It’s a warm summer night and you’re sitting outside La Locanda del Cantiere enjoying a nice Brunello when suddenly you see George and Amal Clooney step out onto their terrace to enjoy a lakeside aperitif. “Hullo George! Evening Amal,” you call out, for you are nothing if not a friendly expat. Well sir, you just talked yourself into a $600 fine. According to reports, the Lake Como town of Laglio just outlawed approaching Clooney, Amal, and their friends at and around their villas, as well as physically trespassing on the land when they’re not home. Brief, accidental eye contact is presumably still acceptable, but one is advised to consult an attorney (not Amal) before attempting.The temporary ban is reportedly centered around Clooney’s 53rd birthday party, which will take place at his Villa Oleander and the adjoining Villa Margherita. While obviously aimed at paparazzi, the VIP regulation also blocks parking and boating around the area.

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