dinsdag 12 mei 2015

May 2015 - Iconic Italy - Essential Marbella Magazine

Few countries can match Italy for the refinement of its architecture and design, sophistication of its style and culture and diversity of its food and wine. In this, our 16th Anniversary edition, we pay homage to Italy, the land of love, with a bumper issue devoted to La Bella Italia.

D’inizioMilan Expo commences this month, continuing until October, and if you can make it there you will be sure of a memorable experience. To preview its highlights, see our lead feature. We also visit captivating Capri and the very scenic Lake Como, staying at the enchanting Villa d’Este.

In terms of genius, they don’t come more all-rounded than Leonardo da Vinci, a talent who was seriously ahead of his time. In the modern era, we also bring you a range of talents that you may be surprised to learn all have Italian ancestry, and local talent, Dario Poli, whose new musical, Amsterdam, is nearing production.

Legendary for its couture and car design, check out the latest styles from Riani, featuring suave Italian fabrics, and the sleek new lines of the Alfa Romeo 4C Sports Coupé. Don’t miss, too, our fascinating features on Italian Designand Living La Dolce Vita.

Finally, no issue on Italy would be complete without delving into its wonderful cuisine and we present some exemplary exponents of this artistry: Restaurant Aragona in the heart of Marbella and Chef Emanuele Crisci fromIl Tartufo. Such sensory experiences should ideally be complemented by classic Italian wines.


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