zaterdag 6 mei 2017

10 of the best restaurants in Italy: readers’ tips

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Whether you want the Neapolitan pizza once savoured by Julia Roberts or simple rustic cooking, our readers have travelled all over Italy discovering wonderful, authentic places to eat.Winning tip: Porchetta, central RomeFamily businesses; idiosyncratic service; simple but world-class food: Italian food has a few core stereotypes. It’s an unexpected delight, however, to find somewhere like this one minute from the chaos and greasy pizza slice stores of Termini. Er Buchetto serves very few things and is smaller than my student bedroom was, but I’d consider a trip to Rome without lunch here a wasted journey. Normally hating pork, I was reluctant to follow a friend’s advice and try this porchetta bar, but went for a simple sandwich: porchetta, crusty bread. I ordered a glass of wine to go with it – altogether, under €5. Most people have had that meal that caused them to sit back, nod their head and silently think about how everything’s all right, really. This was mine. I finished my sandwich and immediately asked the owner for a second serving – this time, the full porchetta plate. He smiled and nodded – he’d definitely seen this happen before.

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