woensdag 5 augustus 2015

Lampredotto, Florentine street food - Tuscan Recipes Food and Tradition - Tuscanycious

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What Lampredotto is and the best Trippai kiosks on a map.But what is Lampredotto?Lampredotto is a kind of tripe, technically the fourth stomach of the cow (the abomasum) —boiled in a broth containing herbs and tomatoes, cut into strips, put in a bun called semelle (half of which, on request, is soaked in the broth) and topped with salsa verde and spicy extra virgin olive oil. Around Florence, you’ll find several kiosks (called Trippai) selling panino col lampredotto, and many other special, unusual foods made with offal. Check this brief clip explaining where the florentine lampredotto sandwich comes from… in plain english!
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