zaterdag 12 november 2016

What Italy Can Teach America About Donald Trump -

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MILAN — THE similarities between Donald Trump and Silvio Berlusconi are striking: Both are loud, vain, cheeky businessmen, amateur politicians and professional womanizers. Both have a troubled relation with their egos and their hair. Both think God is their publicist, and twist religion to suit their own ends.There is a difference, though. Mr. Berlusconi was the longest-serving Italian head of government since World War II (not much came out of it, apart from a lasting friendship with Vladimir Putin). Mr. Trump hasn’t gotten that far.For the sake of the American people and the free world, I hope he won’t. Still, as an Italian citizen who has experienced a demagogue in chief and survived, I feel I should help the American people come to grips with Candidate Trump, in order to prevent him from becoming President Trump.First, for the skeptical, don’t underestimate the man. Why is a regular guy attracted to a billionaire candidate? It’s simple. Because he can “play to people’s fantasies,” as Mr. Trump puts it. The man knows his television, loves money, hates rules, tells jokes, uses bad language and is convivial to a fault. He may not be like us, but he makes sure there’s something about him that different people can relate to, personally.

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