zondag 8 januari 2017

6 Definitive Guides to all the Names of Pasta

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These amazing guides will have you nailing your pasta names, from Alfabeto to Tripoline, before you can say ‘pasta al dente’.It’s the lifeblood of pantries around the world, the go to dish when you’re down (and when you’re up), the food of champions, families, students and Michelin starred restaurants… yes, you guessed it, we’re talking Italy’s beloved pasta.If you’re Italian, or a pasta purist, there’s a lot to know about pasta, from the different shapes to matching the right sauces, and that’s before you nail the al dente cooking.With several hundred varieties of pasta to choose from, from long to short and everything else in between, being on first name terms with pasta, outside of the usual favourites, is something of a memory and recognition challenge.

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